Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dear Beneficiary, contact Rev David for your approved $2.8M U.S.D

From Federal Minister of Finance
My names are Mrs. Joy Ruben Santos
General Secretary F.M.F.S
Date/ 23 / 07 /2013

Dear Beneficiary, contact Rev David for your approved $2.8M U.S.D

Good day to you this is to bring to your knowledge our discovery of funds worth $2.8M U.S.D deposited by THE UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL WHICH WAS HANDED OVER TO THE PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY, and the President now sent his secretary Mrs. Martin Shallot) and she is the one deposited your fund in Oceanic Bank, with GRANTS DEPARTMENT over (3) three Months ago for you to invest in any profitable field in your country and till date you have not come forward to claim or transfer your funds we need your confirmation to transfer the funds into your home account. We discovered that in the initial fund transfer there was a mistake in the destination and it got to our branch in your name instead of your Country and since then we have been searching for the original owner until we got your new email address. Please confirm the information below for correction or mistaken identity. Finally send an identification of yourself to the Oceanic Bank for further verification and transfer of your fund.

Your Full Name:
Your Country / State
Your Address:
Your Direct Telephone Number:
Your Sex: Occupation: Age:

The Bank said that they don't need your bank details or any other details than the one requested or mentioned above because the Oceanic Bank are setting up an on-line account for you to be able to wire your funds into your account remotely from any location in the world because your old account is dormant.

Contact Rev. David Jonathan with this bellow Information:
Person to contact Rev. David Jonathan)
Phone +229-976-128-29

Your urgent contact and response to the Bank is needed for them to proceed with the authorization of your transfer. NOTE: We have received mails and calls from people claiming that they are the beneficiaries of the said funds one even said you authorized him to claim the funds on your behalf. I want you to know that these funds will soon be made available to other organization due to the Global recession if we don't have a detailed confirmation of your authorization to transfer the said funds.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Federal Minister of Finance Secretary
Mrs. Joy Ruben Santos
(F.M.F) (G.S) General Secretary

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