Tuesday, July 31, 2012



After much consideration on this matter, I have decided to contact you, believing that you will protect this transaction and give it the attention it deserves. I am pleased to be in contact with you. I am a senior management staff of a regional bank here in the Republic of Benin.

I would like to know if we can work together in partnership. I would like you to collaborate with me by way of sending supportive correspondence to our office as a beneficiary to a deceased client in this bank who made a huge fixed deposit sum of united states (US) dollars to our bank, with a comprehensive & accurate directives I shall be giving you internally from our office to achieve a successful claim of this deposit, the deceased is from your region, he died without any registered next of kin designate in his account profile with our office and as such his funds now have an open beneficiary mandate, for anybody with accurate information of the deceased as written in his account data with our office, which I will make available to you on request.

Honestly, I seek your able partnership for us to claim this money successfully. I will guide you professionally, but secretly on information that may be required of you from our bank in a most discreet manner, for us to claim this fund for our personal disbursement. It may interest you to know that every aspect of security in this operation has been thoroughly taken care of, Please if you are interested, do let me know so that I can give you details on steps to take, towards maximizing this great opportunity to secure our future financially.

I shall be expecting your favourable response.

Mr.Monayeur Alexander.

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