Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Dear Partner,

I will like you to read this mail with all seriousness. I am Engr Funsho kupolankun the GMD of COMD (CRUDE OIL MARKETING DIVISION), a subsidiary of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) here in Abuja Nigeria.

Am in the position to transfer the sum of (USD$25,000,000,00)TWENTY FIVE MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS to your country for investment, as a director in the NNPC I need someone whom I can trust. As soon as the fund gets to your account I shall be coming to your country for the sharing.

Please note that these is not a fraudulent fund and are not drug related funds as well, these money came as a result of the rise in petroleum price world wide under my department and as the senior manager in charge of COMD finance, I was able to fiscally safe this fund in the government account I know all the methods on how funds goes into and out of the NNPC. This funds will be transfer out to your account as contract funds and we are presenting your company as one which has done a contract with the COMD. Note also that it will be transfer to you as an honest fund as all the document to legitimize the transfer will be obtain legally.

As a director under the NNPC and as a civil servant our constitution does not allow me to operate a foreign account these was just why I have to contact you. I beg you to cover my identity and help me in achieving this long life dream. All I am sincerely asking from you is to provide the following details in which we shall need to execute the
transfer successfully.

(1) Your company name and address.
(2) Your Bank name and address including the beneficiary account where the fund will be wired.
(3) Your Private telephone and fax number were I could reach you.

Sharing Method: Account owner (You) 40%, we the beneficiary 60%, reply to me urgently through my email address with all the details that I needed to commence the transaction. Note that I have not contacted any body on these matters except you alone.

I wait sincerely to hear from you so that I can give you more details and clear you fear.

You can contact me on my personal info:
Tel: +234-815-977-787-0
Email: engrfunsho_nnpc@superposter.com

Yours truly,
Engr Funsho kupolankun.

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