Sunday, May 27, 2012

Your Transfer



We are pleased to inform you that your fund totaling ($7,506,420.00) has arrived the International remittance office of the Federal Reserve Bank Texas District Office (FRB TX) . We confirm through a telex advise sent to us that this funds are presently being held in a sundry hold account pending the final liquidation of the fund to your receiving bank.On the advice of the Homeland Security,We have to contact you for re-verification because we suspected that someone is trying to divert your money into a new different bank account as submitted to us,after they have make the final payment of fund release of $2,750,which Home land security rejected the payment,that there was no power of attorney from you in your name.Below was the account summited to us,please confirm if you are the owner or you ask some one to claim the fund on your behalf.

Account name: komex LLC
Acc No : 7001591495
ABA No : 066004367
City National Bank
13500 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, Florida 33181, USA

The attachment is the power of attorney,they presented to us that you authorize the payment to be made to the above account,

please do confirm to my office immediately to enable us comply with the remittance directive of the above mention sum to the new account as provided. do confirm urgently providing full details of your receiving Bank Information for our re-verification.

On the advice of the Department of the homeland Security, you are to desist from contacting any individual on this issue as it is now a security risk, all communication should only be directed to my office as i am mandated to complete your transfer accordingly.Because of this suspecious,the home land security advice that the fund should not be transfer to the above account without power of attorney in your name.This was why also the final fee pay by this people was return and rejected by the legal department.This are the reason you have not received your payment.As soon as we get your respond to this email.

You can also send us fax: 206-309-4206

Treat Urgent and Respond immediately.

Harrison Newman 11
Director Federal Reserve Bank Texas District Office

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