Sunday, May 27, 2012

Your Outstanding Payment

Vital Message From Rev.Robert Wilson - Do Not Ignore pls.
Union Pay Reconciliation Board
Sub-Committee On Foreign Payment Reconciliation
Federal Republic of Nigeria

RE: Your Outstanding Payment


My name is Rev.Robert Wilson,the chairman Union Pay Sub-Committee On Foreign
Payment Reconciliation (UPSCFP), I write to inform you that your transaction
has been investigated by us and the reason you have not received your long
outstanding fund has been discovered.

Sequel to our investigation,it was discovered that the officials in charge of
your payment are making use of all the interest that comes out from your fund
to enrich themselves and the moment you became frustrated, they will now divert
the fund into their personal pocket.This is the reason they have been giving
you bogus bills/clearance fees in other to make it difficult for you to receive
your fund. Due to your ignorance, you have built much trust in communicating
with the officials which has turned up to be an advantage for them to extort
fees from you unnecessarily.

The officials do not have idea of what is currently going on between us because
they will convince you more if they are allowed to be acquainted of this
development. Once again, kindly desist communication with them instantly and
Keep your transaction strictly confidential. Finally, the International
Monetary Fund and world debt reconciliation board have mandated this office to
effect your payment with immediate effect.

Sequel to the above, a payment instruction has been forwarded to our Accredited
paying bank in Nigeria to enable them release the sum of Ten Million five
hundred thousand United States dollars in your favor from our reserved account
with their bank as first installment and upon your confirmation of this first
payment, your balance will be credited immediately.

You are advised to comply with the full details as stated below.


The fund will be wired into your bank account and your transfer information
will be send to across to you to unable you know when your fund will reflect
into your bank account.the activation of your bank account is free but before
you can successfully complete have access to your bank account that will be
activated in your favor, you must need a tax waiver clearance code and an
oversea fund transfer regulation seal that must be issued directly from Nigeria
Ministry of Taxation.

Immediately your online account access is released to you and upon your
confirmation of the online account details with the payee bank.

Contact our committee accredited attorney in Nigeria today by sending your
details as stated below to his direct email address:


1. Your Full name:
2. Address:
3. Your personal Phone number:
4. Total Amount in Question:
5. Occupation:

She will immediately commence the process that will facilitate the release of
your fund to you immediately she reconfirms your above details. so fill the
above and send to her as soon as possible.

Because of impostors, we hereby issue you with our code of conduct, which is -
upc8805 - you must indicate this code when emailing our committee accredited
attorney in Nigeria today and Always update me with any new development.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Rev.Robert Wilson

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