Friday, January 12, 2024

Business Financing with Sunford Finance Limited (Scam)

We hope this message finds you in good health. We are pleased to introduce Sunford Finance Limited (HK), a foremost company primarily engaged in financing, presently serving businesses in EMEA, ASEAN and North American countries. In tandem with our financing structure, we provide small to mid-sized companies access to capital via asset-backed loans and mezzanine loans.

While we focus on delivering financing services, we may also invest in companies with good fundamentals and growth potential when opportunities arise.

Should you be interested in exploring financing options or discussing potential investment opportunities, Please feel free to contact me.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Loan Offer (Scam from India)

Are you in search for a loan to solve your financial needs? if yes, apply here now as we are offering unsecured loans to various citizens who need financial assistance and are finding it difficult to obtain a loan from banks and other lending bodies Email us today for more info

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Monday, November 9, 2015


Dear Friend

I am Mr Noel Mcgrath a financial consultant in UK;I am contacting you in respect of my late client fund 12.7 Million British Pounds deposited with a bank here in UK which is about to be confiscate by his bank/British government after many years unclaimed; I decided to contact you because you bears the same last name/surname with him ; Kindly indicate your interest by sending me your full data ;

1)full name ,
3)marital status
4)postal address
6)phone number

You will be entitle to 50%;40% for me and 10% to defray all cost ;
You should be rest assured that this is 100% risk-free also free from any scam/fraudulent act

Yours Sincerely
Noel Mcgrath

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our awesome financial scheme.

Good day,

Are you Interested in awesome financial scheme and loan offer at interest rate of 3%? Contact us for more details.


Mr. Wolfgang . U. Fischer.


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Wednesday, October 7, 2015



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Monday, August 3, 2015

Bar. Christ Ben

Dear Friend,

I am Bar. Christ Ben, as a legal activist in the financial sector, we investigate the activities of banks with special emphasis on cases of financial irregularities involving International Transfers and make recommendations to bank customers to secure their rights and have their funds released. Call us bounty hunters if you like. We uncovered cases of uncompleted transactions and in your case we discovered the real reasons why in spite of all your effort, the transfer of your money has not yet reflected in your account. I hope you consider it with the seriousness that it deserves. Our preliminary investigation shows that although instruction had been given for the transfer to be effected, a clique in the bank move the money from the bank audit system by placing it in a sundry deposit in the banks vault with no account number or name. By so doing, it is virtually impossible for anyone or financial institution to effect a wire transfer of the money in an un-numbered deposit. The purpose of this group is to keep the money out of the radar system until you are tired of laying claim to it then they would move it and share among themselves. This scheme has successfully thwarted the transfer of your money and eluded the financial watchdogs especially the Central Bank because there is a fifth columnist within the system working in cahoots with cabal. But the good news is that there is a financial services firm which specializes in assets recovery and protection which partners with us in ensuring that ensnared customers are able to recover their money. They are a small but driven non-bank firm (outside the reach of the corrupting influence of officialdom) and they do an excellent job of tracking and recovering money and ensuring that the right owner is paid. As an added advantage, they are paid for their services after they have successfully completed their work i.e. the money has been successfully transferred into your account and you are able to withdraw it. Lastly but by no means the least in importance, the company does not concern itself with the origin or source; they do not ask questions which make working with them a simple and straight forward experience. If you want to leverage their services which are the most sensible thing to do (otherwise you might as well forget your money and all the effort you have made so far in trying to have it paid to you) then I will make available to you the direct contact of the CEO of the firm.

Yours faithfully,

Bar. Christ Ben

Phone: +233-27-590-5756

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Friday, July 31, 2015



My name is Kenneth Brian. I work as a business/financial consultant here in London. I am currently in connection with private investors/direct lenders from Africa trying to expand international portfolio globally, and who are available to Lend/fund a reliable project after receiving and studying the business plan of that Project.

These investors would be happy to work with any person/entity that has a reputable company or any organization with a project and very eloquent about the project. These projects may either be oil and gas, real estate, mining, farming, resort and transportation etc. The investor can fund your organization or finance your project 100%.This can be in form of cash contribution or according to what you wish for the project anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the investor may want to be a shareholder or partner in the whole project, but he will finance the project/fund your organization 100%.So you would be mandated to monitor and manage the entire project as required. Each of these investors has the capacity that can support any project size and having gone through you profile, your website and your post, I will be willing to introduce any one of them to you, but I still want you to tell me more about what other things your company does or have on ground at the moment. My direct email is:


Kenneth Brian

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

INVESTMENT (morisinvestment)


Stop wasting your time looking for loan. Invest with as little as €100 and get a returns of €2,000 within five business days. It is a way of helping the needy and also using little amount to get pass financial problems. And it is the greatest offer you can ever get. Contact us today for more details if interested in knowing more about this great offer on how your €100 can earn you a returns of €2,000.00 within five business days.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Personal and Business Offer!!!


Are you in any financial problem? Do you need quick loans to clear your debit and get back to business. If so do contact us with the information below on

1)Full Names:
5)Phone Number:
6)Monthly income:
7)Loan Amount Needed:
8)Loan Duration:
9)Purpose of Loan:
10) Sex:

Peter Brown

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Good Day From Mr Ung Chen

Dear Sir,

I am Mr. Ung Chen, staff of a financial firm here in South East Asia. I am contacting for a good proposal that will benefit both of us if you are interested, please reply back and let's benefit from this opportunity. You are my first contact, and I am contacting you because I need to do the deal with someone outside my country who is not known by my co staffs or friends, not that is a risky business please be rest that is risk free but it's not the type of deal you let someone around you to be aware of even my bank do not even know that i am contacting you as it will be a deal between me and you. I will explain better when I get your response, I shall wait for days and if I do not hear from you, I shall look for another person.

Mr Ung Chen.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

About your funds transfer. (Stop Fraud)!

Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force

Attention please:

President Obama established the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (F.F.E.T.F.) in November, 2009 to hold accountable those who helped in bringing about the last financial crisis as well as those who would attempt to take advantage of the efforts in the economic recovery to perpetrate fraud in United States of America. Sequels to excellent achievement of the FFETF in 2010, we have been mandated to audit the banking industry and stop recent fraudulent activities.

As we audit banks and financial institutions in United States of America, we discovered several funds belonging to different people unclaimed. In such occasion, we make frantic efforts to contact the beneficiaries immediately. Hence, you are being contacted. We are also in agreement with the Federal Reserve System to release such payment to the beneficiaries. World Bank/Federal Reserve System have the power to confiscate and repatriate any funds unclaimed from the Possessed bank and eventually withdraw their operating license if found wanting. It might interest you to know that in 2010/11 only, we were able to recover $4.2 Billion for the Obama government which is helping in rebuilding the nation's financial/economic crisis, and also promotes job creation in 2012/13 fiscal year.

In our recent search, we have discovered huge sum of money which runs into Millions of United States dollars in your name in Bank of America. These funds came from Nigeria, West Africa. We presumed this to be your inheritance, contractual or winning funds. To this end, we advise you to contact a US citizen based in Nigeria working as a CIA Agent under-cover called Agent Jeffery Lucas for necessary documentation. His private email address is: He will help obtain the needed clearance certificates for proper authentication of your funds, and subsequent release for transfer to your bank account by bank of America. Note that without these documents, we, the FBI, US Customs and Department of Homeland Security will not allow your funds to be transferred to you.

These important documents will cost you on $680.00 only. Please do not send more than $680.00. We are aware of scams in Africa, that is why we engaged the service of our own CIA Agent, Jeffery Lucas to obtain all the papers for all US funds beneficiaries.

We are looking forward to your maximum cooperation.

Yours in service;

Eric Holder
US Attorney General and Chairman
Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force. U.S.A.

This email was sent to you from the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force United States of America.