Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Refer to the recent nominees Africa Union (AU) national executive council meeting with the Chairperson of Africa Union Mr. Alpha Conde,heads of banks in Africans, heads of Ministries of Finance and Africa heads of states in collaboration with foreign representatives, petitions were presented to the executives by the foreign representatives regarding none contracts, Lottery, Compensation and inheritance payment of their citizens despite all efforts and money spending, rather, they are being scammed/defrauded by banks, persons and ministries by Africa countries like Ghana, Nigeria Togo etc.

To this, the African Union leaders agreed and mandated BB&T Wealth and Asset Corporation NC USA to carry out all unpaid beneficiary fund. Know that your total funds has been moved from the Apex Bank of Nigeria to BB&T ASSETS BANK USA for immediate payment through online banking system.

You are therefore advice to contact the bank via their email address (bbtassetscopusa1001@gmail.com) for your payment release process. Please this mandate/authority does not in any way, affect the rights of the bank for due process required by them for beneficiary fund release. The bank right must be respected.

Thanks for your understanding.

You’re faithfully,

Ms. Antonia Diarra,
The Secretary General (SG).African Union.

Email analysis :

NOTE : bbtassetscopusa1001@gmail.com
NOTE : guadah89@dpoczta.pl


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