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I approach you today with respect and honor. First of all, I am sorry for intruding on your privacy by sending this letter which is unsolicited for .But I will implore you to read through this letter with all diligence and attention, at the end, I leave you to draw your own conclusion on what line of action to take, but I positively believe the proposal will be of great interest to you, because every date and information given to you in this letter are verifiable and true.

I am Nelson Coakley, Canadian assistant attaché at the High Commission of Canada Africa. I got your contact through personal inquiry and as a matter of urgency. I took my time before contacting you because of the confidential nature of this letter as well as my sensitive position in office. Though I know that a proposal like this will make anyone apprehensive. This is by virtue of its unfamiliar and sudden approach. Please I could no longer doubt your credibility and capability as regards this task. This is why I am convinced and willing to seek your assistance and full cooperation on this golden opportunity.

PREAMBLE: However, I write in respect of a letter of inquiry we received from the Security Company. The letter requested contact information of the closest surviving relative of one Gloria Madison. According to the letter Gloria Madison was a Canadian and client of the company who died in a local plane crash (EAS AIRLINE 2002) Based on the strength of the report, late Gloria Madison was a real estate investor and crude oil business and had deposited the sum of $ 23,500 Million with the security company, this was not disclose because this fund is in a trunk box for investment before her death.

The letter further stated that all meaningful efforts made to get response from her family through her agent (lawyer) for the completion of the transaction was a failure. After several unsuccessful attempts to reach the late investor's family through the Canadian Chambers of Commerce, the company decided to contact the Canadian High Commission on this regard. Since then, my female colleague Ms. Anita Shakelford, head of immigrants' record department had been working with our home office to contact the late investor's family at the request of the Security Company. Unfortunately, the home office was unable to contact anyone related to the late investor. Confirming our record, the deceased was believed to have spent much of his life outside Canada.At this point, it became clear that the deceased origin status could not be ascertained. Since we could not locate the deceased relative and considering the prevailing circumstance, we deliberately decided to delay our reply letter of findings to the Security Company to enable us to search for a neutral and reliable person for a possible replacement.

THE DEAL: This is why I decided to contact you on behalf of my female colleague because of the decease's unknown origin status to enable us to claim this fund. I now seek your permission to have you stand the next of kin to the late investor, so that the fund could be claimed by you being the late beneficiary's next of kin. The Company had stated in the letter conditions for the release of the fund, should the next of kin decide not to complete the investment plans with them that is, the next of kin must be duly certified by the High Commission, and a letter that effect must be tendered.Interestingly, all documented information of the late investor's transactions is available to us in strict confidence. To this end, we are most interested in your willingness and co-operation.

RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS: To this end, we have more appeal for your willingness and co-operation. Note that this proposal is risk free. Upon completion of this assignment, we will be happy to offer you 40% of this total sum as compensation for your assistance. We have also set aside 10% of the total sum for the settlement of all likely expenses that would be incurred during this transaction. You would also be informed of further details based on your response. If this proposal is acceptable to you, we appeal that you do not make undue advantage of the trust we have bestowed on you. This letter is strictly for your consumption alone.

Please contact me via email:

Make sure you send details to the above email. This is very important in you know you are capable to handle this deal.

Thank you,
Nelson Coakley.

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