Tuesday, October 10, 2017

PAYMENT DETAILS (Western Union Scam)


Western Union money transfer center has completed the trace of the money transfer directed to you. We are redirecting a fund transfer to you. Your lump sum payment is ready since 14th September. You have to claim it now or it will expire soon. There a PIN Code on your western union account so no agent can claim your points. Because you have not used your WU Points since you started to use western union services, your points have doubled and accumulated. This has earned you over $17,000 overtime.

Please note; Each time you receive or send money from western union, you earn points for the service. This points can be converted to money after a period of time. Some western union agent will not tell you this and they will use up your western union points and convert them to free cash payment from western union. This is the reason why western union withdraws the licenses from many of our agents. If your agents refused to give you information about your western union points, don't argue, just write to western union and your points will be revealed to you. Make sure to keep your western union card safe if you don't have a western union card you can also demand the card from any of our western union agents.

Western Union After claiming you lump sum. It will start again from zero. Please, reply and include on this email your:

Full Names:
Date of Birth:

Western Union will send your mtcn number to pickup cash daily from any of our western union agent location near you.


Dr. Karlina Herman,
Western union money transfer (WUMT)

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