Monday, September 25, 2017

My Dear friend!!!, (Scam)

My Dear, I got your message but i don't blame you but Note is a pleasure to meet you as a friend and God's sent person i can use to reach the needed poor children around your location and now i have considered you as the person I can use to reach the needed children around your Location since you have already known my Mind and about humanity and charity I believe together we can work for good by helping the poor children and less privileged with this fund, Note that i can't involved myself as a deceiver because am a military man also a Christian,

Then i will Found any delivery company around to deposit this luggage box with a cheque $2.7 million USD,with your information's which i have here now and there will contact you once i made the deposit and Note that the company will continue this delivery in your favor as soon as possible,

And now you will promise me that you are not going to disappoint me and the poor motherless or squander this fund because I'm not going to send this fund to a person who will squander it just like that in terms of helping the poor while squandering the fund just like that, So i need your answer before i continue this arrangement with you because i hate disappointment and cheater who didn't know that poor peoples needs help thank you and am waiting to hear from you immediately and attachment is ID CARD,

God bless you as i urgently wait for your Response

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