Thursday, June 8, 2017


Hello Friend.

You maybe surprise receiving such message from me, and being skeptical to reply. But I want to tell you to be free to respond. I am giving you my assurance and protection towards the deal I’m about to offer you which at the end we shall be more than happy.

My name is Caldwell William (Bill), born in Columbus, Georgia, USA. I was Commanding General of United States Army North, also known as the Fifth Army, served as the Commander of NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan, and simultaneously as the Commander of Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan and Iraq. While I was on duty, a lot happened which I cannot explained further because it was a tragedy.

While on duty, we also discovered a lot of things within my squad. I had in my possession Gold’s and physical Cash which were deposited in one of the security vault here, but safety of it is not guaranteed that is reason why I need your assistance to move it as soon as possible we can reach an agreement. I was planning to move it down to China for safety and for security purposes but it is not easier for I been on duty and handle that at same time.

That is reason why I am contacting you at this point of time, I need your help and if we reached an agreement I will authorize you with the proper documentations giving to me and security codes to retrieve what I had in the vault with the security company here in Iraq to move it down to you. If possible converting to the gold’s to Cash and have it secured also invest in your country on my behalf. But we have to reach an agreement and sign proper documents before this can be execute.

Note. This required 100% trust because you will be rewarded accordingly to the agreement. I need your feedback, and then we can proceed further to achieve our goals.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Yours Sincere
Caldwell William (Bill).

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