Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Good Day My Dear Beneficiary

Welcome to Money Gram Money Transfer
Send Money Worldwide office Department Of Money Gram
Cotonou Benin Republic
ADDRESS: 1500 Akpakpa Avenue, Cotonou; Benin
Visit Us Via Website: www.moneygram.com

Greetings From Money Gram

Your first Payment of $5000 USD is approved to sent to you today, So kindly reconfirm your receiver’s name information to the money gram office for the approval of your fund payment of ($5.700`000`00USD) to be sign and release to you immediately you send the below information to them: Note that your payment files will be returned to the IMF within 24 hours this is the instruction given to us by the IMF. We have been struggling to send you the first payment of $5000 USD today through our payment system here before we found out that your payment file needed to be renewed from the World Bank central system. So you have to send only $150 so that we will use it to renewed your name from the World Bank central system so that your first payment will be available on your name to pick up your first payment once you send the fee of US$150.00 required to renew and reconfirm your payment file to us through the World Bank Central System.

Your Receiver's:
Your Country:
Your Telephone No:
Your Address:
Your Passport ID:

Contact Mr. Lawrence Desmond to give you payment information you will use to send the $150 for renew your payment file on your name with the World Bank central system.

Contact Money Gram Office
Name:Mr. Lawrence Desmond
Email: ( moneygramtransfer1997@zoho.com )
TEL:+229 99 59 98 35

Our Money Gram Office will release your payment to you and the maximum amount you receiving each day from today is $5000 usd daily until the funds complete Transferred. Once we receive your information. The transfer will commence. The IMF is compensating all mail address and your name is listed as one of the approved to pay sum of ($5.700`000`00USD).

Best Regards

Mrs. Angela William
The (IMF)International Monetary Fund IMF Compensation.

Email analysis :

NOTE : moneygramtransfer1997@zoho.com
NOTE : "WWW."@kind.ocn.ne.jp
NOTE : Received : from mzcstore101.ocn.ad.jp
NOTE : (mz-cb101p.ocn.ad.jp []) by vcwebmail.ocn.ad.jp

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