Friday, May 12, 2017

Update Your Account Information Now !! (PayPal Phishing Attempt)


Warning : Account Issue !
Your account is limited untill you update your information because some one requested acces to your account, here is the infos :
Location : Russia
IP adress :
Navigator : Mozilla Firefox 48.0 on Windows
The restore the access to your account please click on the link below :

Update My Account

This is an email sent automatically. Please do not reply to this letter, because the e-mail address is only configured to send but not to receive e-mails.
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Phishing screenshot :

PayPal Phishing Screenshot

Email analysis :

NOTE : Received : from RDT.spectra.local (unknown [])


NOTE : by (Postfix)
NOTE : client-ip=;


Phishing analysis :

CLICK : Update my Account

PayPal Phishing Attempt

NOTE : Phishing was removed.

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