Friday, February 24, 2017

Text Him a message right now at +1-(709)-400-0765

Pls, Attn: My Dear.

This is from Federal government Origin for your fund, We want to informed you that Our diplomatic agent just arrived at (ATLANTA GEORGIAN AIRPORT IN USA) right now with your Consignment BOX by international monitoring fund (IMF) as world beneficially of the year 2017 which worth's of $9.7 millions US Dollars inside the Consignment BOX. and we sent him today to delivered the BOX to you at your home address . He need your effort right now for him to reach you with the Consignment BOX , The Name of your delivering Agent is David Mark ,he is now at USA airport whit your Consignment BOX, Text Him a message right now at +1-(709)-400-0765 And give him all about your information to avoid wrong delivering?

Such as:

Your Name,......
Your Address.....
Your Telephone Number:........
your country and state...........
and your nearest airport..........

Warning ?

Don't contact any person or agent again about the delivering because if you do, you will lost your Consignment BOX and your Fund of 9.7 millions US Dollars Inside ? The Name of the Attorney DIRECTOR from office is Mr Frank Ike ,his E-mail:is ( HE IS THE MANAGER THAT APPROVE THIS Consignment BOX TO YOU DIRECT FROM THE DHL OFFICE AT BENIN REPUBLIC Call him right now for more information at +22999247469.

Thanks ?

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