Monday, January 9, 2017

Can You Be Trusted.?

I am Mr. ALI HUSAMEDDIN from war ravaged SYRIA. I am the second son of ABDO HUSAMEDDIN politician and former government minister. He was aide to the oil minister from August 2009 to 7 March 2012, when he became the highest-ranking government minister to defect to the opposition from BASHAR AL-ASSAD'S government, before he was killed, I am sorry for the inconvenience that this letter may cause you, I and my father deposited our family life treasure during his reign with TRANS GLOBAL SECURITY/FINANCE COMPANY LTD in London UK.

I and my father lifted this three trunk boxes which contains the Sum of $85 million US DOLLAR which we deposited with the above mentioned company in UK for salty purposes, After the death of my father I have decided to move this family life treasure to Miami International air port USA, the consignment is in the diplomats ware house there at Miami international air port USA, I arrived London UK this January, before they ask me to get a Partner in your country to receive the boxes on my behalf, based on the Condition that the consignment is tagged diplomatic baggage.

I wanted the box to arrive before I will make contact In your country for someone who has a Godly mind and That can help me invest them to pick it up and assist Me to come over for further business plans, , that is why I have to move it to you in MIAMI for further delivery to you by the diplomat, so I want you to Avoid any stress or fear of insecurity, and irresponsibility.

Please to prove my honesty and sincerity in the Subject matter; send me your fax and private cell Phone number for easy communication during the delivery of the consignment to you, but please you will have to keep it very confidential for both of us and in return to your kind assistant YOU WILL BE GIVEN 35% PERCENT SHARE OF THE FUND.

upon you reply to this massage then I will give you the contact number of the diplomat in MIAMI so that you can call him, and he is a UK government approved diplomat he is there in MIAMI so that you can call him and tell him that you are my partner whom my consignment is to be delivered to, to enable him deliver the consignment to you immediately.

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Allah bless
Ali Husameddine

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