Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mr. X

Good Day! I am the Head of Corporate Finance at Shawbrook Asset Finance, Ltd here in UK, I handle all investment bankers, private investment groups and private investor's direct capital funds. I do have a private authorization of one of my clients (Mr.) Talal Ben Yushah who is from Libya with delicate political position to seek for individuals with sound financial management experiences to handle the investment and management of over US$500 Million devoid of his name. If you have fund management abilities or credible projects in need of funding, please let us a have brief description of your nature of business/professional experiences alongside your registered business name and physical address in a returned email so we can discuss further. NOTE: This mutual partnership is 100% legal, risk Call me +44 7937025283 or reply to: I will explain further when you respond. I count on your understanding and I would appreciate your urgent response. Note if you are not wily to handle the transaction don't border to reply me this is very serious thank you. Sincerely, Mr. Park John

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