Thursday, November 17, 2016

Failed Delivery for Package #085043120 (USPS Phishing)

We tried but failed to deliver your package again today, because no one was present at the destination address. On the delivery day, there must be someone present at the destination address to receive the parcel.

Shipping type: Priority 1day
Box size: Large Flat Rate box
Date : Nov 14th 2016
Delivery Notification : e-mail sent

To reschedule the parcel delivery, visit our nearest office, with a printed copy of the Delivery Notice Card. An electronic copy of the Delivery Notice Card, in Microsoft Word format, can be downloaded from our website : 108506870

The tracking number can be found on the Delivery Notice Card and can be used to track your parcel:


Thanks for shipping with us

© 2016 United States Postal Service

Phishing analysis :

CLICK : 108506870

RESULT : Phishing attempt.

Email analysis :

NOTE : Content-Type : text/html; charset="UTF-8"
NOTE : Mime-Version : 1.0
NOTE : X-Mailer : PHPMailer 5.2.8 (
NOTE : X-Priority : 3
NOTE : Return-Path : < >
NOTE : Content-Transfer-Encoding : 8bit
NOTE : Received : from unknown (HELO (

NOTE : Message-Id :
NOTE : Failed Delivery for Package #085043120

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