Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nobel Prize 680,500 Euros

On This Morning's Ticket 18th Of October 2016, I Mr. Joseph P. Cornacchia Of Of The Allied Irish Group Bank Plc hereby writes to notify you that your total sum of 680,500 Euros is available for a compulsory transfer today via Bank to Bank deposit.

Your E-mail address was selected for 680,500 Euros (Six Hundred And Eighty Thousand Five Hundred Euros Only ) payout in the just concluded 2016 Nobel Prize Announcements from Economic Surveys.

This fund was deposited as donation by The Nobel Prize Committee and will be disbursed upon establishing credit alert via Bank to Bank deposit by disbursed for claim with:

i. Your Complete Names;
ii. Mailing Address:
iii. Mobile Telephone:
iv. Bank Name:

upon completion of the application process, Your funds shall be transferred.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Joseph P. Cornacchia
Private Consulting & Funds Transfers

Email analysis :

NOTE : josephcornacchia_aib@outlook.com
NOTE : barclsbonline@gmail.com

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