Wednesday, September 28, 2016


In accordance to my religious persuasion and total submission to the will of God almighty, I felt expedient to write and inform you on the wicked conspiracy hatched by Dr.David Edward director WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER Benin and Mr Hugh Graham(The foreigner he involved) to divert your approved inheritance funds to their designated account in Europe. From my position as a loyal clerk in this office, I discovered that they moved your fund of US$1.5M to Switzerland Europe several months ago with intention of sharing it between themselves if they had succeeded .

Just Two weeks ago I found out through the Central computer data-base that they are about to re-route your fund from Barclays Bank United Kingdom to Credit Suisse Groupe Switzerland before European Financial Regulators traced the money and informed the Benin financial regulators for verification, I felt that it is important for me to alert you on this development.

They are still using your name and inheritance identification number as the beneficiary but they have changed the account co-ordinate claiming that you were the person who asked them to represent you and authorized them to transferred the money out of Benin to Europe.This was the reason why they asked you for endless fee to frustrate you so as to abandon the claim for them to enrich themselves

I have the reference number of the transaction . Your payment is supposed to go through the Swiss credit control financial clearing house
before finally Lodge into their SWiss account the European financial regulators traced the fund and informed the Benin financial regulators who has involved since last week Friday.

All the data about your claim profile are within my reach. I do not need gratification from you either in cash or kind. I can never be a part of this evil because of my religion. Please respect my discretion in this matter, you can send an email to me so that I can give you the reference number and the name and contact information of the officials of the Benin financial regulatory commission involve now.

NOTE I repeat, please do not expose my person, it is not easy to get employment around here and I cannot contend with these powerful individuals because they can eliminate me just like that. Just stop communicating with either of those men who desperately want to extort money from you to flee particularly the wicked Dr.David Gibson, dont even answer any of their mails again.

Remain Blessed,

Mrs. Susann Akim

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