Thursday, August 11, 2016

Executory Consideration

HSBC Co-operation Group.
HSBC Holdings plc
8 Canada Square London E14 5HQ
Tel: +44-792-457-0777
Ref: HSBC/ABY/NRI/ACCT/0017083004

Dear Sir/ Beneficiary,

How are you doing?

The internet has been grossly abused by scam artist and miscreants whose intention is to hurt. Inasmuch as one should be careful, same time we should not allow negative to kill the positive potential in a realistic business. I have chosen to reach you because I felt that business is taking risk, going from the known to the unknown.

My Name is Mr. Donald Frisch, the Executive Head offshore account department at HSBC Plc, London. personally I communicated with you to disclose a mutual Outstanding transaction which will benefit us. About US$325M (Three Hundred and twenty-five millions United States Dollars) within the next weeks as soon as you are willing and ready to co-operate in this transaction.

During the auditing and closing of all financial records at the HSBC Account Department 2015 annual Debit and deposited fund confirmation, it was discovered from the records of outstanding Investment fund deposited by a foreign Investor (Mr. F.JOEL WAWORUNDENG ) this Investor deposited the sum of US$325.M(Three Hundred and twenty five millions United States Dollars) and has been floating since 2009 with HSBC Plc, Offshore Investment account and after my Investigations to locate the beneficiary
(Mr.F.JOEL WAWORUNDENG) on the address used in creating the account which is Indonesia to found out this man was among the people who died at the Tsunami disaster in 2011, Also all efforts to get the relatives
of this beneficiary was abortive. On a second attempt, I also review the offshore Investment documentations which was deposited at my department and also confirm that this fund was deposited as Investment Lodgment deposit by the contractor whereby the customer have not registered anybody/company name as next of kin to this fund. Prior to my cnfirmation on This Investment fund documentation I realized on the documentation that this fund was not declared to the British Government during the time of deposit by the deceased Beneficiary.

I therefore seek your assistance to stand as his next of kin for this Investment fund, since all documentations and proof of this deposited fund are on my department we can put a claim proposal letter to HSBC Bank, to re-claim the deposited funds through the British International Investment proclamation ACT which will enable the HSBC London to release and transfer the heir/ fund to your Bank account.

Moreover, with my position at HSBC account Department we can successfully claim the fund and you will get 40% = US$130,000,000 (One Hundred and thirty Million U.S Dollar) of the US$325M (Three Hundred and twenty-five millions United States Dollars) as your personal share and I will get 60% as my share.

The claim process for this transaction will commence as soon as you are willing and ready to keep this deal confidential so we can work together, the fund will be Transferred to your designated Bank account as you start the claim process at the account department.

I will fill you in with further details upon your reply .You can call me directly on this private telephone number so that we can discuss more on how to transfer this Funds to your designated account in your country Tel:+44-704-573-0685

Warm Regards,
Mr. Donald Frisch.
Head offshore Banking and Investment Dept
Computer & IT Director
HSBC Co-operation, Liverpool.
Branch office London.

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