Thursday, July 14, 2016


We are unfamiliar with each other but it takes a day for people to know each other. I will like to propose a legitimate business to you and please take this seriously. I am proposing a deal that will make us richer and you are very important to this deal as you will find out.", "I am a soldier stationed in in West Africa Nigeria precisely. am a General in the united states marine corps.we were deployed here to aid and assist the Nigerian Army on terrorism.the insurgence of BOKO-HARAM they are connected with ae-Qaeda ruthless and very deadly so far", "i have lost some of my boys they are very good soldiers.eighty six of my men are (MIA)missing in action. i led the last raid myself to the sambisa forest where the terrorist HQ the most deadly forest in Africa with the spirit of one marine", "all hostiles and target was brought down and we recovered a lot of ammunition from the camp and i discovered a huge sum of money the sum of NINE MILLION US DOLLARS.the funds was seen by me alone and now you are the only person that knows about this funds.Now i have succeeded in depositing the funds in a financial security company here in Nigeria and i have made you the beneficiary of the funds and this is where you come in.I am contacting you to assist me in receiving the funds.This claim will be executed without breaching any laws and success is guaranteed if we cooperate on this. The financial security company will release the funds to you.though am a soldier but am a religious person am steadfast truthful and trust worthy and i expect the same from you i propose we share 50:50", "i think this is fair. i will be taking 20 percent and i will give the remaining 30 percent of mine", "to the wives and the families of soldiers who died here.fighting a battle that is not theirs they honored their country and fought for their country and this is the reason why i collected the funds without informing the Nigerian government for we soldiers", pensions are emailis( will give you all the necessary information about the deal when i get your response., "I anticipate your cooperation.treat this proposal with utmost confidentiality and urgency for a 100% success.", If you are not interested, please delete this email,

Regards, General

Joseph Dunford,

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