Sunday, June 5, 2016

Phishing attempt on bitcointalk email addresses


We know that some of you have accounts on and we wanted to let you know that a phishing attempt was made on bitcointalk email addresses earlier today.
If you received an email with the subject Mtgox.Claim assessment process, delete it and do not click on the link it contains! This email did not come from Kraken, but was spoofed to look as though it came from our support email (

We do not know how the bitcointalk email addresses were obtained, however the bitcointalk database has been compromised in the past. You can be assured that this incident was not the result of any breach in Kraken’s database and your personal information with Kraken is safe.

Even if you did receive the email, you are safe so long as you do not click on the link (just delete the email and you will be fine). If you did click on the link and are concerned about it, please contact us at:

Stay safe,

The Kraken Team

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