Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Request for Genuine Investment Partnership

How are you? I hope you are well. Please accept my sincere apologies for writing to you privately without your own consent. My name is Mrs. Rebecca Garang, Wife of a prominent politician from Sudan Late Dr. John Garang, the Late Sudanese Vice President who died in a plane crash on 22nd July 2005 under suspicious circumstance. I want to solicit your cooperation on a business investment project because on behalf of my family. Presently, there is a substantial amount of money that my family needs to move out of a country in Africa for profitable investment purposes, and we would really appreciate your help and cooperation. Hence, there is a lot to discuss and plan on the way forward, and I shall provide you with further details when I receive your positive response.
Kind regards,

Mrs. Rebecca Garang
For the Family

Email analysis :

NOTE : jeffery_garang@yahoo.com
NOTE : shipping@cheungyue.com.hk

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