Friday, March 18, 2016

hi, from martin

Hello Sir

Please can I have a deal with you? I am Henry martin; working with Obuasi Gold miners company Ltd, west coast – Ghana. There is a contract of supply which I would like to share the idea with you, if you’re interested to handle the deal with me. It is contract of supply of cleaning liquid (Borbakin Cleanser), this cleanser is a Geometrical Cleanser used in the Purification of Gold, Silver and Limestone.

Here in Ghana, Borbakin Cleanser is high demanding by many of the gold trading company here, and right now I have been able to find a distributor who sells Borbakin Cleanser cheaper than what our company is buying it in other place. They sell a carton of this Cleanser at the cost of USD2, 400, but here in Ghana, they sell a carton at the cost of USD7, 100 per carton.

This is reason I am seeking for a partner who will stand and purchase the (Borbakin Cleanser), from the distributor at the cost of $2,400 per carton and supply it to my company at the cost of USD6, 500. We will share the profit, like this 40% for me and 60% for you. Please indicate your interest by replying back for more details

Yours Sincerely

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