Thursday, February 18, 2016

My intention!

Dear beloved

Thanks for your attention, my name is Mercy Anna I was married to Late Dr. Donald Mayer who was an oil merchant, We were married for 25 years with one son but our son died with my husband on the airplane crash Before he died, we deposited a sum of £5,300,000.00 GBP (Five Million Three Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling) in a Bank and this Fund is still with the Bank.

In 2013 I started suffering cancer, fibroid problems and hearing impairments. Recently, my Doctor told me that I might die soon because of the complications with the cancer problem. Therefore I decided to donate this fund to a reliable individual to use the Fund to build orphanage home and help the poor. I have decided to e-mail you, that is based on trust and you’re outstanding to seek for your consent and your attentions so that I will bequeath the Fund to you for this project and I have no doubt about your capacity and your goodwill to manage this fund for this purpose I am taking this decision because I do not have anybody that will inherit this fund and my husband's relatives have been very hostile and unkind to me since after my husband's death. I do not have any trace to any of my family relatives because my parents eloped to United Kingdom due to war and never mentioned home till today. If I do not will this fund to reliable person to carry on this project as I mention here, the Bank will take over this fund if I lose my life today. So I want to bequeath it to you so that you can use it as I directed here.

For legitimacy of this fund, once I read your green light over this mail, I will go ahead to give you a letter of authority (Power of attorney) that will establish you my appointed beneficiary to this fund so that you can contact the bank to release the fund in your possession,you can also reach me with my alternative email ( If you delay in replying this mail, I will look for another individual that will accept to use this fund for this purpose.

Remain blessed

Mrs. Mercy Anna

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