Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Hi there,

How are you and the day? I hope everything goes well for you. It is with great pleasure that I send you this message just to be in touch with you.I've just taken a look at your profile here today that caught my attention and I wanted to get in touch with you to establish a sincere and lasting friendship with you. So we are here by chance and I hope you allow my intrusion in your choices. My goal is not to influence but to share with you so that you first decide for yourself because you are unique. One more person as a friend is a good thing in the life of a human, because no one knows or there is happiness except by looking he found. So they say, without trying to find, you must have searched without finding. Friendship doubles the joys and halves the penalties. That's why,I would like to correspond with you in a healthy mind and nothing you hide. So we don't make new meetings by accident. They are intended to cross our path for a reason. Friendship is a wonderful thing. WE SAID: "FRIENDSHIP IS BETTER BE TWO THAN BE ONE BECAUSE IF ONE FALLS,THE OTHER RAISES HIM" -

But at first let me introduce myself.

My full name is Gibrilen Gbeto. I am young man aged 25 years. I am simple and honest man open to discussion. Magnet discover the other, the world, experience life to the fullest. Explore our senses, including touch, without taboo, but with respect, complicity, envy, live his fantasies without shame in the excitement and tenderness, strength and softness. I try to talk and meet (even affinity) someone with an open mind. I like travel, children, walking on the beach, meeting and more...and i hate evil. I live in Togo. I live alone and single.

If it doesn't bother you I want to make your knowledge. I think on these points we can keep a serious relation in sincerity and honesty. Then it will be a great wonderful that your dreams can come true now and I hope by the grace of the god all your wishes and your desires will be realized in from today. Nowadays, we hear by people told that's the beauty whom takes the first place in a relation. For me i didn't believe to that. In reality for me the beauty is not very important in a relation . But for me what is important that is to have a nice character and good behavior because those things count very much in a real relation. Do you think without the sincerity ,trust and good behavior we can have a lasting and sincere friendship? Therefore, "IT IS BETTER TO BE GOOD THAN BEAUTIFUL,BUT ONE MAY BE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME." And you can take more flies with honey than with vinegar . But I don’t doubt in your beautiful soul . I have a good intuition that never tells you a lie. So, I hope your reply and it will be a pride for me to become good friend and best relation. I am waiting for your letter with sweet impatience. And anyway, true love exists, whatever the low blows, you have to believe it will always be someone to make you happy in life. So I'd like to befriend with you because "LIFE IS A SCHOOL WHERE WE NEVER STOP LEARNING". Then “ WITHOUT LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP LIFE HAS NO MEANING”.I send to you my friendly kiss in your cheek. I'd like to be in relation with you irrespective of age, or religion and racism for the exchange of ideas. I hate the slightest error lies. I send you this message of friendship for all relationships always begin with a friendship. In fact SAY LIES NEVER CHANGE THINGS IN LIFE .I AM READY TO ACCEPT MY MISTAKES. I AM NOT PERFECT.

Sorry for the long message and I hope I haven't bore you with my long message. I hope to read from you soon.Remember the distance or color does not matter but love matters a lot in life. Thank for your understanding, hoping for clear answers.
Your new friend from Togo.

С уважением,
Penpals Gibro



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