Friday, November 27, 2015


Financial Investigational On Foreign Payments,
Unit A41, 50 Bank Street London E14 5NS, Tel: +447024053645

My name is Steve Hamza from Financial Investigation on Foreign transfers/payments; this office was Re-constituted by WORLD BANK, GOVERNMENT OF GHANA and NEW Government of NIGERIA Due to high level of CORRUPTION, FRAUD from most African Banks. SOUTH AFRICA, COTONU BENIN REP, Cote D'ivoire. Our duty is to investigate illegal transfers, Payments to wrong accounts and to stop Fraud and Scam which is on high level from MOST African Countries which has also INVOLVED the good country Great Britain and also hitting so many other countries. Your name was among the listed beneficiaries released for payment, you are to confirm the approval about the change. Be informed that below is the account submitted for the payment.

You are hereby required to verify the following immediately.

1. Did you broker your debt to one Mr. Emad Salem Al Rashed. From Kuwait, whose passport photograph is hereby attached below, to claim and receive the payment on your behalf?
2. Did you sign any Deed of Assignment in his favor thereby making him the current beneficiary with the following account details?

Information proves that you have made several efforts but to no success yet they keep demanding money, ON and ON. You were also told that you will receive the payment through OFFSHORE PAYMENT CENTER by their agent which failed. Then another story of paying you via Diplomatic through consignment in (2 boxes) with assistance of so-called diplomat to be delivered to your house through diplomatic agent which their member will call you claiming to be at airport by requesting more money for Air port clearance E.T.C. There were so many attempts that failed such as paying through ATM MASTER CARD or even FAKE bank check which is Fraud. For clean records and to ensure rightful beneficiary receive their payment as directed by WORLD BANK, IMF, C.B.N NIGERIA: All foreign payment will take effect from Country called TOGO in Africa. The paying bank in TOGO as directed by IMF and WORLD BANK has NO single dent of any fraud or scan. The New Government of Nigeria including Ghana has ordered all foreign payments to be handled by the bank in Togo due to corruption among their staff. You are hereby instructed to contact Mr. Randy L Fufu, for your payment.

Mr. Richard L Mufu
DIRECT LINE: +22899823287

Finally, you are warn and advice NOT to make any further mistake and if you fails to take the legal direction and instruction then you have yourself to be blame at last.
Yours in service
Mr.Steve Hamza

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