Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Contact ATM Director to load your Fund in your ATM


This is to inform you officially that Benin Presidency Office has approved sums of $8.500,000,00 USD to you as inheritance Overdue fund, after verification, your name was found in the list of scam victim, IMF has signed your payment file to immediate release your fund to your ATM through new system to help you get your Fund immediately.Note, IMF has approved this $8.500, 000, 00 USD to transfer to your ATM Debit in your country without issue new ATM here. If you have any ATM in your country, Kindly forward ATM information such as below to load this fund to your ATM Account in your country, with the same Pin Number and also the same amount you withdraw per day.

As matter of fact, Bank will activate your ATM after confirmation of your ATM information to start daily withdrawing.
(1) Your Full Name: ____
(2) Your Address: ____
(3) You’re Phone Contact: ____
(4) You’re ATM Serial Number: ____
(5) The type of your ATM: ____
(6) The name of Bank issued your ATM: ____
(7) Three Numbers in back of your ATM: ____
(8) Amount you withdraw per day: ____
(9) A Copy of your ID/ Your Bank address:____

Benin ATM Director: Rev. Frank K. Musa
Phone Number: +229 98498627

And once we receive above Information we activate this Fund to your ATM to start withdrawing your fund in your country to help you receive your Inheritance.Finally, you can contact ATM HEAD OFFICE for immediate transfer your fund to your ATM account in your country.
You're in service
Mr. Benson Van.

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