Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Good day,

Re: Foreign Partner Request

First,I apologize if my mail has evaded your privacy,kindly permit me as I have no other option than to use this quick and presumably classified medium to present this my urgent and viable proposal for your kind consideration.

By introduction,I am Mr. Nasir Uddin a Bangladesh National. I am searching for a well informed, reliable and trustworthy foreigner who will partner with me in the actualization of a Multimillion dollar Asian Development Bank (ADB) financed Natural Gas project .

Full details of this project will be disclosed on your expression of Interest.
It is economically viable and I plead, that the contents of this proposal should remain strictly personal.
Your timely reply will be highly appreciated.

Mr.Nasir Uddin

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NOTE : nasidine67@gmail.com
NOTE : nassiruddin@yahoo.com.hk
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