Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Your immediate attention is required

Attention Fund Beneficiary.

I Am Mrs. Susan Leo, the Chair holder in charge of Treasury Department, International wire transfers of Benin Republic Federal Ministry of Finance. You are to reply through this my official email address (mrssusan.leo@yandex.com) because this is to inform you that your fund was brought to my desk because the director & management of the WESTERN UNION & MONEY GRAM transfer have declared to divert your fund to the government treasury account just because you cannot pay the wire transfer fee. In reasoning wisely to this complain I told them to wait until I hear from you so that I will know the reason why you decide to reject such amount of money $2.5Million USD which is your rightful & legal overdue inheritance payment just because of transfer fee.

The reason why I sent this email to you is because it’s your sweat and for this reason you still have this last chance to claim your fund if you can send $95USD today because I have already arranged your wires ready for its daily wires to you but failing to do this, I will allow them to have power over your fund and I am very sorry if you failed as this is the last chance.Therefore, send the $95USD immediately you receive this email today and email your full name and address to me if you want your $2.5Million USD be send to you by western union OR Money gram transfer but the maximum amount officially allow for it per day wire to you is $4000.00USD per day until you receive your complete $2.5Million USD from here.

The second option is for you to send me the full detail of your bank account if you want your fund to be fully transfer by direct bank to bank wire transfer to your account at once. After you have sent the $95USD and email me the MTCN numbers, you are to indicate your wish to receive your funds as I have stated above and the funds will be released to you without any delay of hitch.

Here is the western union information in the name of my accountant to avoid delay in receiving your fund and remember that I have done my best for you and I will make sure that your wire will begin to be released to you from the moment you sent this $95USD, send me email with the western union MTCN reference numbers when you send the money for our to proceed.

CITY :............... COTONOU .

Send it and email the MTCN control number, amount sent, name and address of sender to me for easy collection and once again remember to reply through this my official email address:


Mrs. Susan Leo,

Email analysis :

NOTE : Received : from mzcstore262.ocn.ad.jp
NOTE : (mv-osn-hkg004 [])
NOTE : by mv-osn-hkg004.ocn.ad.jp

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