Friday, July 24, 2015

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Message from: Mr.BOB Britten /
Message: Hello,

Are you a man or a woman you have been looking for a loan? To expand your business or setting up your own business or to pay off your debt or house rent if so then we are your answer, We offer loan from 5,000.00 to the maximum of 500,000,000.00 euro dollars pounds with any duration that you can afford and any type of loan requested by the customer must be such as:

* Personal Loan
* Business Loan
* Private loan

And More.....

3% interest rate and immediately after filling the loan application form you can immediately return back to us, following data:


Name: _____________________________________________
Loan Amount Needed: _______________________________
Sex: ______________________________________________
Marital Status: ___________________________________
Country: __________________________________________
State: ________________ Age: ______________________
Telephone No:______________________________________
Loan Duration:_____________________________________
monthly Income:____________________________________
Occupation: _______________________________________
Purpose of loan: __________________________________
Religion: _________________________________________

Contact us via

Mr.BOB Britten.

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