Monday, July 6, 2015

Urgent Business Project from Capt Michael Brown

Dear Beloved Friend.

My name is Captain Michael Brown, an American soldier serving in Afghanistan, I have an important matter, which I would like to discuss with you in what follows:

I want to bring to your notice that I have the sum of (10,500,000 Dollars) which I got from crude oil deal here in Afghanistan, I deposited this money with a Finance company here, and I have secured this money in a box before depositing it with the Finance company vault as Research materials & Personal Effects., The only thing I Require from you is just for You to help me move the money out of Afghanistan through a diplomatic means because as a uniform man I can not parade with such amount.

I am in need of a Reliable and Trust worthy person who will receive the cash-box, secure and protect it till my arrival in your country, which should be soon. I have to take this chance because, I have no other alternative and I am an orphan with no brother non sister, so I cannot risk my life here to avoid an end to my family lineage. All I have is my wife, my daughter and son and they deserve a decent life since I want them to grow up in a peaceful environment. I will relocate to your country with my family and invest the money in accordance with the law, your advice and assistance. We can work together and achieve a better future for our families.

All I ask is to permit me to move the money from the Finance Company to your country in your name as family treasure/ research materials through a diplomatic means. I will assume you are capable of handling a deal of this magnitude and also trust you to maintain absolute secrecy and confidentiality to protect this great achievement.

Note that I have taken precautionary measures to secure the money and the box is coded with high security gadget and am the only one that has the right combination to unlock it. I will give you 20% of the money and 80% for me. I believe this is a fair deal. I have mapped out a strategy of using Diplomatic Means to Move the money out of Afghanistan to your country. If you are interested in the deal furnish the following:

Your full name,
Your private phone number,
Your full address.
Age and occupation.

I anticipate your positive response and on receipt of your information I will provide you with further details on what to do. We don't have the luxury to waste time so kindly respond ASAP.

Best regards,
Michael Brown.

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