Tuesday, July 21, 2015



Based on the scam reports we received, the International Police and the African Union (AU) in collaboration G20 Anti-fraud team are making sure that internet fraud is eradicated from the European and African continent and the world at large. The Internet Service Providers have noticed the increased email trafficking, originating from Africa and Europe to other continents, hence the action of the Security Operatives.

In this regard, three hundred and six (306) scam artistes have been arrested and convicted so far and arrest is still on. We have also recovered the total sum of US$137.8 Billion from them, both cash and
assets confirmed to have come from their victims. We have also found email addresses of victims in their address books including YOURS. It is at this juncture that we are contacting you.

The African Union (AU) supported by the world’s G20 are making REFUNDS to victims whom their email addresses are listed on the scam artiste's address books and also paying fully all those who were defrauded in pursuit of their legal Contract, Lottery Winning or Inheritance funds.Please be informed that you are among the first Group to received the payment. A payment form will be send to you but if you decide to decline the payment, kindly inform this commission.

David Jackson
Head Of Investigation

Email analysis :

NOTE : capt.rabrenner@gmail.com
NOTE : info.interpol@bigmir.net

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