Thursday, July 16, 2015


Dear Beneficiary,

We receive an email that you are dead and you ask one Dr.John mark to come and claim your FUND as your next of kin, now and he has also agreed to pay for the DELIVERY fee which is $850 so I am writing you to know if you are DEAD OR ALIVE, if you do not reply back before 12hrs we will have no Mother alternative than to believe that you are truly dead according to Dr. John mark.

After the board meeting held at our headquarters, we have resolved in finding a solution to this problem and as you may know we have arranged your payment through our SWIFT CARD PAYMENT CENTER in Europe, America and Asia Pacific which is the instruction given by The president of NIGERIA and if you are still alive you can get back to me as fast as you can or you can call me on +234-80-270-04310, so take note that every thing has been paid for it is just for the DELIVERY fee that this Dr.John mark has agreed to pay for and also if you refuse to get back to us am afraid we shall direct him to the bank where your original FUND is and they will collect the Fee from him that means that, he has written that you are dead and you ask him to come and claim the FUND on your behalf as the next of kin to you. Will send you your ATM CARD which you will use to withdraw your money in any ATM machine in any part of the world, but the maximum withdrawal is ($3,000) US dollar per day. Note that this ATM CARD of yours has been activated and a security pin code number will be issued to you from this Bank as soon as you receive your Card for a safer withdrawal. Please contacts the ATM CARD payment departments Rev Oliver Roy Park information are as below; He shall be expecting to receive your information you have to stop any further communication with anybody or office.On this regards, do not hesitate to contact him for more details and direction, and also please do update him with any new development.

Name: Rev Oliver Roy Park
Director of ATM Payment Department
Telephone Number: +234-80-270-04310

NOTE: For None Appearance, Do Not Contact Rev Oliver Roy Park, if you can not pay for the cost of delivery and Kindly


Please take note that you have been given just 12hours to get back to us so that we can know if you are alive, and fill the Information Below:

(1) Your Full Name:
(2) Driver License:...........
(2) Address where you want the payment center to send your ATM CARD:
(3) Phone And Fax Number:
(4) Your Next of Kin:
(5) Occupation:
(7) Age........................

We await your swift response in regard of this email we have received from Dr.John mark. Note: Because of impostors, we hereby issue you with our code of conduct, which is (GREEN) so you have to indicate this code when contacting this office.

Mr Harry Owen

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