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First and foremost, I must commend my effort to have taken my time to be in touch with you to ascertain that you are alive and made sure your file was not cancelled based on some illegal documents discovered in the file and several attempts to divert the fund to another pause, Some even claimed in their file that you are DEAD. They brought it to my office officially again yesterday and i have to take my time at home to studied it carefully FOR THE AUTHENTICITY but what i discovered was not encouraging but could always turn to success because of the money you had spent in the past.

Please enjoying reading my proposal.

1) Once again my Name is Malvin Gibson i,m a ?DIRECTOR TELEGRAPHIC WIRE TRANSFER/ATM PAYMENT DEPARTMENT AND DEBTS SETTLEMENT OWED AT CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA (C.B.N) and i have being working for this Bank for the past 13 years.

2)I can see that some people has tried their best but they could not perform before they do not have the power to do so, they approached me to transfer the fund to an Arab account that you are DEAD., i therefore contacted attached to such matter to see if he could be in touch with you to confirm this.

3)I,m surprised as she confirmed this afternoon that you are still alive and i call by telephone because i do not want to base my confirmation on e mail alone.

4)I can turn this to success in less than 2 working days upon your agreement to work with me

5)I promised i can deliver to you if you could seal your mouth and make it a top secret.

6)I have studied the case file to know that it is a DEAL arraigned by the people in power here and you had spent some money for documents to make it authentic to this stage. But they do trust themselves thereby wanted to divert the fund to another account. YOU are warned not to send your money to anybody at this point.

7) They can not do anything again on it now unless they are deceiving you because of the anti-corruption crusade here, or otherwise they want to line their pocket.

8)lastly, read my attached 2ND mail on how i,m going to make it possible in no time. I await your good response to move ahead immediately.

My Regards,
Malvin Gibson

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