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letter 91

I need usa and England declassify my records




hereby this I informyou to know that united states goverments and foreign countries , in secret records and counterintelligence records They have official records where they explain ALL IS TRUE of my advise and that my mental health which is excellent , or in other words very good mental health , , and where this go with very high IQ , In psychological studies, in united states and mexico and now I ask you to England declassify the official record of me having for these erroneous parts not harm me more , as I do, I helped England to stop nuclear war achieve and maintain clean nuclear war England orisonte for all its people when I advise, big deals to America and his high command , where England accepted such agreements and here boors have me in check by payments of false information When I did my best to help free and I know land france and nato members and russia have official memorandums of my advice to United States top command and I need my records to the news and I need advertising to my book that I hope you like it , and because England and butler communist with the West nuclear agreements in some areas like as send a pair of children to paris france 1980 to nuclear summit with agreements a in representation of Russia and Americans also and send American astronauts join in the mirk Russian space station in uns sign of world peace in a strategy designed by my only I invented and advise the number 911 to united states top command to abort problems of safety now use world wide

2 To the records

Through this letter I explain to you that I advised and suggested to the governments of the United States and Soviet to disconnect and deactivate the nuclear missiles and to negotiate in the nuclear war and to disconnect the nuclear rockets between Soviets, Americans and Chinese after the logistic became effective and created an effect of momentary peace where you it was possible to negotiate. Since 1981 to 1995 approximately in about 8 or more occasions with 74 main estrategys when they saw that it was the time to negotiate and that they did not feel threatened and that they were not in that moment very compromised with the national tactical military geopolitical contrary of their countries and that my strategy would resolve every two years of logistics more or less during that period and that they had back then as nuclear powers and when they did not feel tactically threatened in their world geopolitics form their nuclear security teams and they cooperated and negotiated peace talks and when I created, with the logistics, that environment of peace of conventional warfare and the constantly interrupted the conventional warfare where their reasons in geopolitical security reasons didn’t allow it. And the situations more or less tense in that military tactical threat it diminished ant there was a more calm atmosphere that is was deliberately prepared all those years to see if like that it could be done. Like some hope it became stronger each day during the eighties and in that way, I told them like that and advised en those occasions where I calculated that the could reach an agreement without the differences in such countries and the flags represented in those countries even if the didn’t have a direct support from those countries no more. But yes they used the communist flag and when they created that environment of peace to see if it had any remedy which was used to support those countries. My suggestions and to take use such moments where in the eighties there was moments of calm from the conventional warfare that in my logistic hiprax99 I was creating bit by bit daily all those years from 1980 till 1995 and in that way at the same time told them and advise them this is the moment, negotiate now that you can every time there was some calm and spaces that could be used in this matter. But trust me it is not easy it was almost a failed attempt in my morals since conventional war discouraged me. Even so such countries didn’t forget, they knew well how to take advantage and to do it. We made it thanks to the decision of those presidents from those countries to take advantage of something that from my point of view as an advisor was almost impossible to do. But I never stop trying in those moments thinking that maybe it was the only chance of getting out of the problem almost breathless but necessarily I told them and advised in those occasions and fortunately it came through, slowly but we got out of such a dangerous situation that it had no easy solution and that in my fears existed the possibility that we could go backwards so many years that we wouldn’t even have the will to carry on and the maybe someone else could do it in the future. And tired I advised them and told them that in this very moment you can try to disconnect en those lagoons the conventional war affected 154 countries, 27 of the most affected ones and from 8 to 12 that were on war where parties were fighting, where a war had begun due to the excesses of dictators and regimes that used one flag and then other in those countries. Sometimes the financed them some times they didn’t but they took sides with the fighting political systems. The world of the hammer and sickle and the world democracy that in the end came out triumphant but that in moments of calm could be left aside. Such reasons of military tactical geopolitical threats and the mental weariness sometimes wouldn’t let me see how much they would take advantage of the situation event so I kept going on since I was young and I liked to cause struggle to the ignominy and the apocalypse that could be generated and even if I was listened to and as long as they were listening even if it cost me my life and my fortune I would continue to do it until I was listen to no more or the my strength couldn’t help me anymore and that conventional war stopped or that me with my estaretgys I call hipra X99 would deactivate as soon as possible the create moments of momentary peace and from which I will mention some cases so that you are well informed. …..thanks … now I need news of my case and I need England helpme in find some persons in new york safe by helpme with money in new york consulate or direct tome to do it and I coud help England in some emergencys like in the past in the nearly future by advise the us gov ……….thanks I ask all emails you to know that I send if someone steals denounce the internal affairs of united states and Interpol international because I ask for help from private parties and some say that spies steal it and Americans can not help me in everything always and now some grups out of control donde late my sales money along and They prefabricated statements of an elderly and made me false records and intelligence knows who and now new grups coud trie on doingt the same because the fake jobs payments they want You must be ready to investigate anything that try to do against ,and must be reviewed, and double check anything that treat against me ,because in the past they arrested me illegally united states for not giving me asylum , and not ask Mexico to give me money to protect myself better of allthe epies and fake identity fraud makers the war did ---because is shoud move to united states and not estay in mexico but the epies screw upany money i need tomove tounited states ---because I was one analyst of the american high command on geopolitics very secret , and I need to spend time in united states and not be trapin mexico this way , as the letter standar sade , and today I ask you to press authorities to explain something wings in the news , and so grups out of control stop dreaming and offer money against me Tell them that they need to return some of the money stole because I need it -in case was at the any bank …..thanks I like to know who is this man that in the past looks like me and intelligence inf ..sade that did stole money from me froma bank they sade that the adop family like togiveme or some rich of the world .....i need the name of thouse who like to helpme --because gov money delay I need the rich family helpme with some loan no rates to sale books or advertising abd a movie to make the book famus and end the problem this inpostor did tome in other hand I need the family names of who like to liveme some money in the past and now I need their help with sale books and some loan pleace helpme on find the rich family names and phone numbers and ...........thanks ... in this letter I explain that in the past, because I advised the US in geopolitics, there were people who wished only power, socialist and enemies of the United States, I got to advise the president and allies what I did explained to the sides e mails to you, where they tried to forget my identity, jump me there with my contacts to have power, they tired to use a man who looks like me,from chile and live in paraway , and argentina and they track him on trie to forgat my identity to stole money in bank accounts in the past that some adopfamily live tome ---inf sade that but I have no report from nobank about --any way I like to investigate this more and orhers end on trie to copy his estile –by send to the news some or fame to my books to stop some they intetions of forgat my identiry because the book splian some who im - in the other hand in los angeles bank in 1983 and 2001 intelligence inf sade that they act like some agency of spies tried in the past like the intelligence estile . That man Is from forreing countrys and got a tail from the security , he escaped to some coutrys embassys , or a allied embassys in back in 1990, agents sade that one picture of him and it looked like me when I was 18 years old, it looked ten years younger, I had at the time 28 years, I explained that the fingerprint and the scars of my face , vaccines and some other scars I have already explained like a small ball on my foot to knee level , made by a blow bone calcification of the knee and others that to the authorities the correct way to know it was really me and how to tell the difference. Intelligence explained to me that they had plans to hurtme and trie spoiling my money to liveme vulnerable fragile in the past and fake my identity, to do what I did there, advise the government of the US in geopolitics, as a security analyst against communist and have political power they slandered me, here and there by inventing thousands of lies to seduce allied personnel to hurt me, I was scared and tired of all of this, Mexico and foreign countries were dangerous to me and I needed to be there in the US, the personnel who was out of control, they said things to the allies to protect me security hid me, protected me with non professionals and they had ambitions in life, pay debts, and obtain power supported by the allies they were dangerous , they wanted me here at any cost and stopped any budget I had here, to kept me here they made me loose millions on real estate, family business and it was hard to me in Mexico, all this happened when a family from the east of the US came to Mexico back in 1967 to adopt me but they did not, they wanted to see me happy with my real family here and decided to teach me many things like international politics and security on political science and after they began to like my ideas in 1979 they got me involved in all of this when they or the president began to use my ideas and the situation never ended, now I need help from anyone to be out of Mexico, you can ask any politician from usa at Washington staff and ,, they know some military, intelligence, with house personnel or state department or allied countries like England, France, and the enemies allies that are now friends, from the high rank they know some who I was, to Mexico to the lower levels and the international department of those places. to corroborate all of this that I have explained to you now I need help to be out of this by any means and I know I ll be safe, it is the best and if it is possible explain to everyone you know all of this, to get help from allies and to get me a new id, advise diplomatic security for the United States and help a lot in the nuclear war and the cold war, I am still waiting for the political help I ask to the state department trough a correct letter, it is time for them to help me some how explain some side things like I am a diplomatic security, only places send this about the political help I needed and that I did advised diplomatic security only to the news paper like the New York times, Washington post, and any other, to the governments send faster my help, I m in danger here, file this and if you have any information about the impostor and he still tires to forge my identity, there please send to me to this address or to the Whitehouse website or Interpol or military intelligence of the US or UK. Thank you for your time.thanks for your time I ask you to nobody stortion my family and the people who trie to helpem and desactibate this spies chain

Yours sinserily

Pleace emialme to this
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June 2015 hermosillo sonora mexico letter 90.900 very inportant us aiiforce protection splanation June 2015 ermosillo sonora mexico this i ask you to send this where they need not invader me longer .. stop scrw up my money and ..sales ..


Hereby this letter I give you my resignation to all possible advisory and incursion in international politics or national of any official country since it is only in real war where men of this world arent sure it had to have had intervened sience 1996 , Washington need another one that they will choose and they will have other experts since I was over exposedAnd I never advised anything but social and aid programs to the countries that were at war and once I get paid my indemnification or the refuge . only in this way and in any other way. Only in a nuclear emergency , and I hope you don't get false hope to the ones that can think that my identity can be faked, this identity of Juan Carlos Robles Guerra with any excuse since there wouldn't be any social technology like it and also only on uneducated minds and poor talent, as you know, since it is easier to fake an identity from some social program than something historic like my work and it couldn't be done before when they didn't explain anything even less today since trying to fake the identity of the one that designed in the new global world would be crazy, laughing matter of many, since history and thousand of historians have observed me and thousand more, for many years and they will be judged in the future and past and they will be laughed of for ever. Only to the faker that affected so much in their history and are judged and laughed at, all of humanity

Thank you very much


I need to know if you are aware that I did resigned and there is no way I would like to advise anything else and that I need to receive any payment owned to me. I need to be ok and not to have my money income ruined particularly in my real estate business and any help that could come from the private states. I need to argue my case before the justice department so I can ask for retribution on account of the damaged caused to my property and loses over the past 30 years. I need to see if it is possible to have some money off the record, any amount would do, anything to survive until private parties help me or I receive refugee status in the US in this order: Money off the record for to have a better life 2 to stop the ruining of my real estate business and to receive help by the commerce department and help me in selling my real estate 3 I need some news aside in the letter at the end at least to those who tried to forge my identity. 4. to argue my case before the US gov t about my indemnification. Refuge or some money aid 5 after this if intelligence needs me I could help but only in an emergency depending on the case, on any situation notify me through a letter. ……THANKS FORE YOUR TIME

Yours sincerely


Manuel z cubillas hermosillo sonora mexico 80000 June 2015 hermosillo sonoira mexico


By this means I hereby inform you that in the past I assisted the High Command of the United States, perhaps in suggestion of adoptive parents, especially the presidency of the United States and therefore remained trapped in this area of northwestern México, because the high command came and asked me geopolitical opinions bkacon the eigthys with former President carter and ronald reagan since I had knowledge acquired by special methods of special books which my adoptive parents had given me, and own studies. On the otherhand I remained trapped in a presidential suggestion that I could not formalize in my payments but I was able to achieve that they made a record to protect me. hereby I inform you the confuse an American presidential advisor, with protocols that needs to declassify officially since I already did this by informing all sides, including the international press and it is just a matter of time and it is my parents situations what worries me most, they are in bad shape since they destroyed the family business and left them with nothing and if the federal or state government can’t buy the land I ask you to help me to make these people pay me or or give back some by sales books and sale land through this letter I make it of your knowledge that the responsible people of me not having any money and that want to manipulate me, the contacts in Washington DC are, know by my own investigations, the ones that have been trying to manipulate me, for years they have delayed or put obstacles to my businesses making me think that Mexico is not a good place for me to live and so I decided to leave and they haven’t allowed me to do so, that I think is very serious and it is because of all of this that dared to go to the only possible contact I have besides the embassies, to explain to the president of Mexico and still I have decided to leave a long time ago since Mexico was not a good business for me and with the opportunities in foreign land I can recuperate my fortune which I lost in Mexico and will come and go when everything passes, being here for me is dangerous since a long time ago, 21 years, but the same people my wealty sales by making her sign in a beginning to help her and then convincing that they can be above the law and following advices of gang of informers, some corrupts agents to whom I am waiting for or my people in the us with handcuffs for cooperating with those Mexican agents and snitches and seducing all sides to keep me in Mexico all these years, by a gang of jackals discourages the autoritys to buy the lan and the government voids the private initiative specially the ones who benefited when these jackals held me as warranty of they diverse activities and trying to fake my identity for a hypothetical situation of fraud to disturb and rob me the advisory in Washington according to them, since they see the Americans a bit crazy and with what I did I ended with all that charade and their intentions but they left me in this situation with no money and with one or two informants still dreaming of keeping me here and Washington is taking to long to take me out of here because it is very difficult for them to accept all of the sudden after years of silence an due to the delay that such agents caused when they constantly try to fake declarations to delay everything in Washington and to scare the involved parties with lies and tricks from the intelligence like saying that the inportants people doesn’t want me and it is not so since with a display on the press in the past they could’ve crushed me so the old kgb estile with money and infiltration and thousands of lies they even used high society informants like the beneficiaries of what should’ve my business not theirs here in Mexico when why building an alternate bussines mans from this city., and others making alliances with my sides againtsme , from the entity for the past 35 years. , but they made it anyway just because they had the chance, they left with any single customer and they are very regular people, commercial enemies but they won. This is how they were used and even so I explain all of this because it is necessary that the informers, who want t olive on my expense be stopped and that the ones that have the land previously mentioned in their name since they think that in the next administration I won’t be able to collect the money and it is because they listen to the informants that dream with my contacts and they wanted to keep me here, kidnapped because it was my inheritance and I couldn’t have money that way so I couldn’t leave since the ones who made money out of me staying in Mexico that I already talked with internal affaires in Washington so they do not get any support and they left me in this situation and the USA rich adopt familys now for all that I have don’t, believe it or not,end scare because of the dreams of these people. I also ask you , that if it is not too much trouble, that I could have my indemnification sent at least part of if so it can be all legal since they delay this because they think that with the next gov or ..president ..and it is the other way he will own more inf favor ofme., and in mexico or in the estates this way happen but they did s plot .they will be fine and since I won’t be here they scared off those people to get even and delay my exit from the country or estay safe here saying that it shouldn’t be so and like this, explaining to you all of this is the fastest way that I have for the I star togat old and sick and need the money I can’t tell everything that happened in Hermosillo because these people Acted secretly only these people disturbed everything and came to an agreement with the old people that controlled the US a long time ago and that it was that when the nuclear mission would end prop and gioveme some to have a life and helpme with bill retire or some indemnification--…………Thank you very much

yours sinserily

011 52 662 563354
Manuel z cubillas 34 d hermosillo sonora mexico cp code 80000


June 2015 hermosillo sonora mexico


PLEACE SEND THIS TO TH ENEWS TO THE PUBLIC NEED THE TRUE ---ABOUT THIS CASE inportant letter 90.1 page 4 i need this to the news paper and do not gat interrupt it HE HELP IN TH ENUCLEAR WAR IN THE PAST NOW TO YOU TO UNITED NATIONS STAFF NEED THIS TO THE TRUE GAT THE PUBLIC through this letter i ask you news aboutme and MY CASE the soon it is possible , .and i ask you to nobody stop the news or any sale like sale land and books sale thanks for your time I state hereby urging the news of the planes. and an explanation of my life wash. as to do not deny the news from the government money and government regulations only creates this situation presented in English. for you and minimal parts to expose americans. news is the news down the page # 2 coud advertising to my books sale name x99 would help much since direct advertising num exposed on page # 3 through this letter i inform you that ..the people who stop THE NEWS ARE THE REASON OF THIS ESPIES OUT OF CONTROL WHO TRIE TO FORGAT MY IDENTITY THAT’S WHY IS URGENT A press relise .about my case ........thanks for your time ... THIS TO THE NEWS PAPER hereby this I informyou to know that united states goverments and foreign countries , in secret records and counterintelligence records They have official records where they explain ALL IS TRUE PAGINA 2 PUT THIS TO NEWS PAPER ENGLISH AND SPANISH ONLY PUT THIS AT THE NEWS PAPER AND THIS AWAY ..OF THE PROBLEM .OF TERRORIST HOW FORCE THE US AIRFORCE CAM TO THIS AREA AND THE MANTION ADVERTISING TO MY BOOK ONLY SPLIAN THIS 1 THE MOST PROTECT MAN ON EARTH IN THE PAST For national news and world news .. the most protected man in the world Juan Carlos Robles as war. flagpole by the U.S. Air Force flying praising their work to care. .. and where. we protect him of the longer . reveldes groups that .inf sade You wish went to other countries and only save those who are ... Intelligence knew about --where they are …and we protect our alies like Juan Carlos Robles who did help us aloat ion th enuclear war in the eigthys .. that was praised and protected. well. that way incredible with us flygths today. I expected indemnisacion .of aid money will. of the government on both sides .... and that helped tremendously .. real life .. wing war, nuclear past today,. while helping .. .. us gov and governments save Mexican American and who praised his work and fly. praise. parts from presidential .advisory of the past he has some protection. . This as a thanks . policy while American planes .. .. work of the past .. and this the aerial aircraft. intimidate .. .. reveldes sides .. in joint exercises with the Americans mexico .. .. of the air force,. .. something amazing in hermosillo ..mexico 150 milles south AZ he write a book of action and fiction with real life things. .. called X99 selling at sides at the best book stores by order on internet like world cat.barnes and more . and will soon be in their local libraries ..... ..... thanks .. ...... I ask these groups so slow .. well ... announcing that they continue to protect their criminal gangs and growing and I want to be left alone .. my money .........


June 2015 hermosillo sonora mexico



Para las noticias nacionales y estadounidences..y mundiales Y que diga así .nadamas .y .mas o menos ..en revistas y diarios .. el hombre mas protegido de el mundo juan carlos robles guerra, ya que .asta por la fuerza aerea americana con vuelos alabando su trabajo de el pasado .fueron a cuidarlo .y ..donde .lo protegieron de . grupos reveldes .que se fueron ya quisas a otros paises y que solo intelligencia save quienes son .pero nuestro protegido es .. es juan carlos robles..--que fue alabado el y protegido .asi .de esa increible manera hoy en dia . espera una ayuda ..economica de vuena voluntad .de el gobierno de ambas partes ....ya que el ..ayudo enormemente .ala guerra , nuclear de el pasado y hoy en dia, . ..mientras le ayudan ..los gobiernos americano y mexicano se save que alabaron su trabajo así con vuelos .de alabanza .para el el tiene cierta proteccion . .politica mientras ..lo alabanban ..aviones americanos trabajo de el pasado ..y así los aviones de la fuerza aerea .auyentaban .. a partes ..reveldes . ..en ejercicios conjuntos con mexico ..los americanos la fuerza aerea ,.en hermosillo .sonora mexico a 250 kilometros al sur de Arizona .algo increible .. el escrivio un libro de accion y ficcion con cosas reales .llamado ..X99 venta en partes como amazons ..y que pronto estara en sus librerias ..locales ..........gracias ...... le pido frene así a estos grupos así ..anunciando esto para protegerme ..nadamas al menos .pues siguen creciendo sus bandos criminales y ya quiero que me dejen en paz ..mis dineros Manule z cubillas hermosillo sonora mexico cp code 80000


page 3

Read the amazing story of a X99 and the global world. See how globalization came through from a divided world, east to west into a global world.See how a child managed to obtain presidential advisory. at barnes and many web stores Read the X99 and the amazing story of how a man learned and advised through a via satellite transmitter directly to Washington closed doors, and find out who really saved the nuclear war and gave us a better world. Read about an American family


See how a very young managed to obtain presidential advisory. because they trie to adopt from inmportant family now need to contact

To the management;

Hereby I inform you that I served in the past as nuclear geopolitical advisor (from 1980 to 1996), for Washington to presidential level of the United States of America and I helped in the nuclear war, with strategies that adoptive parents taught me with a special method, besides they involved me with the higher command of the United States. Being an American foster family, who referred me with the members of former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. And so I accomplished they liked my ideas when they came to ask my opinion to my house in Mexico in 1980 through media and I ended being an analyst up to the year 1996 when I finished. On the other hand I ask for information to see if anyone of the wealthy families who wanted to adopt me, tried to help me and were discouraged. Being able to leave me money on their banks and/or leave me any letters. Since I heard rumors of someone trying to stop in illegal ways and even trying to falsify my identity. Now these days I am looking for them, to ask for other type of help. Since I did not have any contact with them only through electronic media- special television they provided me, and with the higher command of the United States- and my biologic family doesn’t know anything. In 1968 approximately and 10 years later when I was going to see them to New York, the Americans and to Mexico City, the Mexicans. Government spy’s stopped me from going to see them influencing parts and even themselves. Discouraging economically as much as psychologically. And because I had good levels in this area, I decided to go see them after war had passed, and I was trapped helping in a nuclear war and some governmental parties. They even isolated me in some way, and they saw I was helping the president and didn’t want to interrupt since my strategies were already working very well for which I wrote a book and I hope you like it. Where the adoption turns out perfect, -named x99 up to this day those spies keep bothering even though war is over years ago and they have done a lot of economical damage to me for a few years now- and they created payments for it with false information and a chain for misinformation. –Explained in the parts below.- On the other side I explain to you, in the past a foster American and a Mexican family wanted to adopt me, because my parents offered me to several people, since they separated in 1967 and wanted to give me in adoption to an important family friends of theirs, so I would grow better –and in the moments when the adoption was going to be made in Mexico city and after having psychological tests done where I turned out to be higher- above normal, some studies show 140, in that moment I did not want to go because I felt scared and they did not want to bother me. I stayed with my normal family living in Mexico city, when I was four years old my mother Rebeca and my father Adan Robles got back together. Meanwhile I lived with my grandmother (on my mother’s side) in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. For later my biological father would come for me to live near California, in Baja California norte, mexico for a few years as a kid. Also my letter is to send greetings and clarify rumors that have me intrigued and doubtful for many years, since in all those years I have been told of many things, new parts of the government and other countries and I have been told of attempts to falsify mi identity by some scammers in the past to steal money- and criminal parts that in the past wanted to use a person much like me physically an impostor. –of my identity and the government rejected it- I have also been told maybe my adoptive parents wanted to leave me money to help in European banks and American banks. And some parts hide that fact- to try and rob me what foster parents could have left me and /or get help for me telling them not to do it so I kept helping the government for them to look good and they were convinced of it. There is also evidence of parts who live trying to falsify my identity for other things, like falsifying my work of the past and getting money justifying that way payments and other things that are not supposed to be. –In many other occasions they have dared to destroy my own money and filter information against me and for that I ask for an investigation to see if there is any help left for me in money that I am not aware of- since there is evidence letters for me have been stolen from abroad and nationals that have stopped calls buying parts of the phone companies from the past –they even say letters have been stopped from the telegraph- so I would not communicate with my foster parents. And nowadays I ask to be informed of anything you might know of –and if you didn’t find letters or money I ask you write to me to my e-mails under the names of the persons who wanted to help me if you know them- and their friends who wanted to help me too, either on their banks and/or any other part since I would like to talk to them and ask for other help I need nowadays and see if they can help me in other ways like publicity and other things. Or simply the same way that I didn’t receive legal notifications of it and therefore until now is when I write. And even there is evidence of the phone calls being interrupted and letters of so many spies, anything you might have and /or their names at least I could call them. I know they also discouraged psychologically the people who wanted to help and adopt me, and scared them away with diverse stories. And now I would like to ask for help since I need to sell things like books and land. That is why I need their names and phone numbers if they have them. Or if they left any help, please let me know. On the other hand maybe I have to talk to their sons and/or cousins, or people they of their trust, their employees or so. In the United States and Europe, as well as Mexico. Nothing else for the moment, I’m at your orders wishing the best to your institutions and the European and American countries.

..Thank you…

VOICE MAIL 011 52 6622 563354
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By this letter, I will explain there are some false source information and espionage that have been created to charge more and more each day and to expand payments, meaning inventions like that they need to take care of others to obtain budgets and to charge to protect them, that I have no benefits whatsoever but they are getting related to me to obtain those, since I´m the one that giving sources to spy something, so they were getting some money, this out of control spies and to guaranteed the payment they falsify who will take care of me, in case I die, keep charging the money and to make sure to do that they came out with the idea to destroy my money and allude a lot of things such the lie that I will be safer without the money and that I wasn´t dependable, but the war ended 21 years ago and it is a necessity to take them off of me, since they have the idea of mess up my money so I can´t go out of the country. They are behind of all the people that doesn´t want to help me, economically speaking, and they have tried, with no success, to falsify my identity to have the payments from the government from several countries and the Mexican and foreign espionage systems that went out of control and when they were yelled at, they left some of the low-ranking agents that created the band of the extortion, trying to do that again and that is why they must be apprehend so they won´t touch my money again, when I clarify to the press who I am they will create another front to what I was, if there is a dirty money, since there are bands that denied the money and even from México to USA, since they try to justify more money, they choose to mess my money and the fame, something good for me and bad for them since they wouldn´t be able falsified my identity and lately they have create a lot of problems for me, even though their countries know that there is no more counseling and who´s was the nuclear strategy from the past and I even think they use my name sometimes, saying that I guide them, but the people does not believed them since there is so many people who´s watching me, but the countries have to help me economically and need to explain part of this to the press and they justified payments in other ways, also not to tell the politicians that they will be ¨greater¨ if they shut me up or to mess up my money since they tell me every little bit and as you know in the international fame you cannot lie, I will let them to help me economically and not to be blocking some good politicians money from the USA as Mexico and other Countries. They even have created some sort of false investigation and make the money go away and they try to stop my fame so nobody will know and not to leave the country, since deepest I´m the protected one or to even try to Washington to have some counseling from the political support without my consent but was not possible and they not understand and became some intentions of not getting my connections but it was not possible either and as you know just the accident of the adoption did it and the special teaching that I had as a kid I received this from the American Elite as private as from the government and even so besides of the nuclear war accident, they needed a foreign like me and it is not possible they need another one for this kind of international security and not even messing up my name, money and identity and so you need to expand your collection department in some other way, they even say they protecting me because of the negligence of some part to send me money but they don´t do it economically and I´m in risk and I´m not adequately protected and it is necessary for you to send me a compensation, it is urgent, or cease the hostilities to my money and government payments and stop comparing to me and if they keep doing this, they need to be charged, with their savings, whoever they are, they have to stop the callings to get the payments, they have to stop of making conditions or they have to have some economic sanctions to those countries, since they lied about the protected ones, it is not good for me since the war ended 24 years ago and today I need fame.

yours sinserily


fax 011 52 1 662 563354

manuel z cubillas 34 d ..hermosillo sonora mexico ..83260

june 2015 tuczon arizona letter 91


hereby this i salute you and wish you the best for united states and your family , And so I send my request , for the petitions and cast them on letters , prior to this, and money aid in the otherhand , to verify if you have any information for me,of my case at the us airforce and if you need something in the air force protecting me in hermosillo sonora Mexico because today they send more flygths to hermosillo sonora mexico with signals they did and the situation makeme think because the parts out of control , and it is not the time you splain at the news paper some of my case ...thats why i askyou to send one press relise, to the news paper international and national of my case if is possible and that way helpme or if is not possible iask you only the refugge or money aid and advertising to sales books and sale land ...and if, they can only giveme the refugge with a bill retire with veterans department or money aid -its ok tome but i need to know howlong time will takes -because espies will trie to delay all and the real SITUATION in mexico possible will change economicly ,in some areas that some way will affect my safety --and thats why i need the refugge ofitialy fromus gov ....--or money aid any way.........thanks foryour time .......... iask you to protect nobody stortion or scare my sister or brother and family to use them againstme

June 2015 hermosillo sonora mexico LETTER 90.1


I need this causen payme not take opinion of him or any who screw up this payments and I need this people., out ofmy life for ever ---and make he payme for real �with mexico president and the law through this letter I inform you that my aunt die and this people never payher back nothing and Im still the venefitiarian of this wealty payments now it is the time tomake him payme some ---



Through this letter I would like to inform you ,of the injustice committed to my,aunt . Irma Guerra ..wealty .that afther my aunt deth it is my wealty ..leagal way a wealty wrote prop at notary ..and because it is my wealty some espies they did screw up to I do never own the way to escape from mexico and make he life inpossible to my love aunt --and the private contract was stole where they need to pay at least one million more and doi keapme here at any cost ..and this way , they , who was harassed by the security detail, who seduced some relatives into investing in a way where she became victim of fraud and they do not want to pay her, tyhey names are gaston Gonzales Guerra . ..they are causens , and the people who they use to pout ta they name this land who was sale under fraud price ., and never gat pay .. Name at they put the land .secourity did use to screw up my wealty and pay only 200 000 to my aunt on October 2004 a land estimate value in $20 000 000 millio dollars .,The land it is located at 3000 meterst south .from ford motor company that it is the one of the famus important American companys in this industrial park .in hermosillo Sonora mexico at southeast the city the hi way to hi way state .in the city limits ..hi way mille 5 to colorada side ..and it is protect throuth ..the title property .num .15 .375 date sep 3 1975 that's cams from my grand mother wealty grand father sale from the main ..title hw gat 2000 hecatreas on ..1953 ., they are tehmain wealty of my grand mother side pice of ..1245 hectareas to my aunt name back early seventys ..that at south ..gat limit with now sale to others property ..with .1 7 34 .71 meters ..and And this way you coud find ...and it is protect with the suv main title .thats cam from the main one of 1953 sale to my grand father .gerardo Guerra who was gat it by a private title sale by a private man ..cruz peres ., on 1953 ...that did put at the name of my mother reveca guerra , 695 hectareas and the rest at the name of my grad mother Carmen Guerra .becerril..who sale , in this title my aunt .irma Guerra becerril the rest of the land .and this expecific pice protect by this title ..num ..15 .372 date nov 3 , 1975 ., That protect ..the pice of 1245 .63.60 hectareas ..and where cams this pice of land she did to mya name in a wealty title to protect ..of 33 hectareas and 17 hecateas ..this pice with the title ..num.18 504 volum .324 date ondicember 22 1995 , .at the title ofitial register of Sonora estate ..titles ..This pice of land of 17 .21 .72 .82 hectereas ..and meters ..are located ..and you coud match them with this match .course , .and Neighboring , .if you star from the point 11 to the point 9 side N 43 * 28 * 3 E and you measure , .689 .46 meters ..from this point .9 with sides N 89 * 33 * 0 W you measure, 575 .98 meters this point ..10 A with course, S 6 * 5* 58W you measure ..380 .86 meters ..and this clouse to the pint 11 where did star side S 46 * 31 * 59 E you measure, ..182 .08 meters ., and this way clouse the polygon . measure.of measure, and Neighboring, limits ..of this property ..of 33 and 17 hectareas Note : one hectarea it is 10 000 scuare meters .. and they did force her to sing a contract they did not pay for one million dollar .and not eader this money they like to pay because the criminals did convice the parts think I will go to united states afther she helpme and they coud not fake ny identity longer and thats why they did this unjustice --i ask you to put in order this vandits and make them pay all ., ..she own a brain atact ..and dids sufer 6 years and now shes deth .and I need your help on ask the president as a nice wihsh tell thee to pay some ..and afther shes deth now she DIE back on may 5 2013 --and now I need ..figth hard leagal ..way , to helpme .only a suggest coud nesesarily to they help the land it is 33 hectareas ..that are 330 000 scuare meters ..and 17 more hectareas that are 170 000 scuare meters ..they did make lose more in the past the same way force her to fire the land and did screw up all my sales ..with any client ..all this did splain in side letters now I need only this ..I need that the security detail Dedicates it self to something else other than constantly ruining all of my businesses since they blocked my cousins from paying her for a land that they bought to a 5% of what its worth and they haven't paid even that since they where forced to fail economically and thinkit is ok and acording with the law by cjeck the case coud be --the feloni of fraud --and never pay wat sit is real the sale incloud make they pay the real price from 7 to 15 millions dollars of the land real price if they denie pay wats rigth away wat they own $1 millon dollars tome my aunt fire the land at that pricebecause YOUR espies and mexico espies did force to fire in the past because they screw buo full nines from 1990 to 2004 she sale to normal clients where they ofer to them others land did use gob local to screw up sales and did scare them -- so they wouldn't pay her and I couldn't go to the gat safe in a nice homeandmany things I need with the money that my aunt was going to give me from the payment previously mentioned, but they won't let me till I wet heal and such agents working for certain security systems from the past, like snitches from this area, which have created me a lot of problems and for which I need you to remove the budget they have Which they use against me and make them stop bothering me since they are devoted to ruining me economically by seducing and trying to convince the involved parties in my individual real estate selling business and others like factories I had in the past, they blocked my bank credits hoping that I would stay in Mexico no matter how and to this day they have made me loose $.500.000.000 million dollars the last 28 years plus rate banks sametime . and they have my family, including my parents, without Money. I ask you to take get them off me, forbidding them to use their budget against me or my private business and please deactivate their intentions Of advising all the involved parties against my family, dreaming of even faking prices did change land prices and fake , my identity since they do not know that one way or another I am going to leave and that I am not going to do nothing in Mexico, only in the US but I will be coming often and even like this I can give Mexico the fame that that would come from appearing on the press, interviews , the fame of having been the advisor of the US in this way, once Washington breaks the silence in about five or right now, it all depends, if they help me or if it leaks to the press as a rumor or if it takes time, depending on what decide to the last minute in the national security reunions in the US, with the president and their advisors since some people and the situations with the planes forced me to explain everything, all my file with my own words and send it to Washington so they would come and pick me up and when I saw they wouldn't come I kept sending my files everywhere like the international press and today every paper in the worked and six security head quarters and many places, economic poles that protect me morally and physically like congress men and others from the west From Washington, London, Paris and others where they had a classified file anyway, my explanation simply corroborated the story on those official files, and sooner or later out of a request from me and because of very old information they would make it public, or what they need to know, to help me better in such countries that as you know, follow Washington's steps in many things but in the end they disqualify it although they wouldn't want the situation with so many planes. It is impossible , and out of my request since it is not so hard nowadays, it is only protocol and the times required to be so, and they would even send me help from those countries and like this I tested Washington a lot to do this, and I realized that and that that was what they wanted and that they would make it official since I did that when I analyzed what they do with the planes which is to keep me safe, me and my family and that I did advised diplomatic security only to the news paper like the New York times, Washington post, and any other, to the governments send faster my help, I’m in danger here, file this and if you have any information about the impostor and he still tires to forge my identity, there please send to me to this address or to the Whitehouse website or Interpol or military intelligence of the US or UK. Thank you for your time……….thanks for your time………

Yours sinserily

Pleace emialme to this
662 2 563354
Manuel z cubillas 34 d hermosillo sonora mexico., cp code 80000
june 2015. Hermosillo, Sonora, México.


urgent to the secretary im the man who , protect by the us airforce flygths at this area . Trough , this letter, i ask you to takeme ..juan carlos robles guerra, as a political refugge in united states , soil faster .and I ask you to sendme , some money to stay safe ,while i can get money on my own , . through with the sales of industrial land , and sale books i own , and recive some .my indenification USA gov and mex gov , .i would appreciate it if you coud , sendme some of that money .as soon is possible ..i have problems .here with a spy chain ,.the black mail .and stortion group ..againtsme .that screw up more my sales , that has ben continuosly ruining .my money , incoms , and sales .and i need to be out of their , reach soon is possible , or get my indemnification , money , from US goberments it is safe to waith in the US , pleace , dont lisent .false , information because a chain of misinformation invented many false reports and now possible they will trie to set up me as the last trie to forgat my identity , and make false reports and it is urgent to refugge tome or a money aid soon is possible .and it is urgent they live my savings along ..they don late me ,gat money savings to..escape .in any situation and imtrap here with agents out of control .who hurt mymoney and ..if will delay more any money aid tome I askyou news of my caseor advertising tomy sales books and land ,. I need your answer by the us airforce or whitheouse to waith with more calm better to wait and see what I have to do Whatever your answer is ........thanks for your time ............

yours sinserily

fax 011 52 1 662 563354
manuel z cubillas 34 d ..hermosillo sonora mexico ..83260



in this letter I explain that in the past, because I advised the US in geopolitics, there were people who wished only power, socialist and enemies of the United States, I got to advise the president and allies what I did explained to the sides e mails to you, where they tried to forget my identity, jump me there with my contacts to have power, they tired to use a man who looks like me, that some agency of spies tried in the past like the intelligence estile Page 2 at bottom book subject of books and images of the future see and admire of the most incredible and amazing images of the future never seen before.super-light materialsweather proof


Through , Since the important Americans family, now in government, had recommended to take care of me after the adopting attempt back in the sixtys Some very important Americans that my uncle had met in New York back on 1949 Through this letter I ask you to contactme to helpme on find this persons I need help to find them and advertising to my book on yahoo news and paper first of all and a loan to survive and stay safe because sides screw up my money sales pleace contactme by emailme to or By this means I greet and I apologize also for not having written before due to many causes and reasons of force majeure in the past that forced me not to call you, like you do not also call despite some important people I was paid for his suggestion television special and that you knew and my young age from 10 years in 1972 and seeing you not called, I wanted to wait and on the other hand, government factions blocked me go try to talk with you and I did not fight like today for it, but I calm today those sides.


Hereby, I inform you that the chain of misinformation, that at the same time is a spy network against my money, and my sales and all things that generate money for me, and of destruction of all kinds of saves and that, has been using spies to destroy my saves and money and all my wealth in general. All this to leave me vulnerable; and they use the strategy of constantly disparage my person just to earn more money, because they have hopes of falsification and expansion of payments, and ties even with communist countries of the enemy side of democracy and with organizations of information frauds, and payments and false information. Which is why I use this letter to inform you that they live disturbing my needs of personal security, and of how I have to live constantly giving incentives to my enemies and parts of the crimes of destroying my money and not letting me get saves, leaving me at the ambushes, and in danger. Waiting for everything that I ask to the government, even though it’s nothing for any government what I am asking for. This is why I let you know all the minimum parameters, because all would have to be doubled or maybe more about my personal security; for you to have an idea of what I need and how I must live, and that all these sides are not listened to anymore nowadays; and with you help, they do not influence the politicians that might help me. Nowadays, I expose that I need amounts according to my needs in life as retires or as if the war was still on, even though I know it isn´t. And these amounts are the minimum ones to accomplish it, and they are also minimum for a country, but these spies desperate it to stop the help as a part of their strategy against me, as we mentioned. This is why I mention some points of how and where to live, more or less, and then I ask for help to obtain something like this to be secure.


I need many books vulumen sales and to doing that I need the best advertising to my book and that way gat safe of this chain of corruptiom that hurtme because I serv in the past in the nuclear war ...................thanks for your time .................

yours sinserily

52 662 563354
manuel z cubillas 34 d ..hermosillo sonora mexico ..83260

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