Thursday, June 25, 2015

From British High Commission

From British High Commission
From:British High Commission
The British School of Cotonou,
Haie Vive, 08 BP 0352,
Cotonou, Benin.


The Government of the West African Countries (ECOWAS) under the African Union (AU) have recompensed you following the meeting held with the Government of the various countries' high commission with the AU chairman, Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi for the fraudulent activities carried out by her Citizens on you. This is to cushion the effect of the present economic difficulties on you. Your email address confirms that you were among those defrauded as listed by the FBI and Scotland Yard through email scam by fraudsters either as contract payment, Next of kin claims, lottery and game wins etc. By citizens of either Nigeria, Benin Republic, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinea and from any part of the globe where they operate from. Be informed that a total of two Million four hundred and fifty thousand US dollars ($2,450,000.00) was allocated to you by the heads of states of the African Union as you were indicated as one of the fraud victims and the method which this fund shall be sent to you is by ATM CARD. Your current phone number/contact address should be made available to this Commission in acknowledgment of this mail to effect the processing and release of your fund by the nominated bank.You can as well contact the Director in charge of the release/CEO of HSBC Bank London.

8 Canada Square Canary Wharf.
London, E14
Contact: Mr. Nicla Handson.
Email Address:

Do note that all fees has been paid except the security keeping fee of $150 which you need to pay for the shipping of your ATM CARD, any extra money is not allowed and prohibited, so if you were asked for any more fee apart from the $150 which is for the shipping fee then you should not hesitate to get in touch with us for investigation of whom is responsible for that demand. You shall be directed on how the security keeping fee of $150 will be paid as soon as you have contact Mr. Nicla Handson with the above information for the shipping of your ATM CARD. Further communication between you and fraudsters should be discontinued as such will result to a total cancellation of the release of the stated fund to you. You are requested to acknowledge the receipt of this mail for proper update of the file opened for you in
this regard.

Yours faithfully.
Mr. Nicla Handson for. Mr. Bob Dewar. (Commissioner).

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