Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dear friend Aigbe Jessica

Good Day,

My name is Mrs Aigbe Jessica, I'm 56 years old. I have cancer ill be here at Suka clinic and sad, the doctor says I have only a short time to live. I'm from the US, but I have lived in Nigeria for eleven years as Business woman, with cotton export and the fact that African is rich in resources, but now that I have about the race of life and no end child, my floating assets. I have $ 8.3Million dollars with the UNITED BANK PLC in Nigeria, and I would like you to apply to the bank, so they to your account the money transfer, and my wish is that you use it, the less Help privilege people, your country, but you have to assure me that They take only 40% of the total money as your own and the remaining 60% to the charity and orphanages in your country for my Heart to rest.

Upon receipt of the email, indicating that you are ready and able to my plans are to be executed in sincerity, I will instruct UNITED BANK PLC, the funds to your bank account as my next of kin to transmitted.

Besr Regards,
Aigbe Jessica.

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