Monday, March 2, 2015

You need to Know this.

I am Claudia Smith, I work at the funds Remittance Control Unit of Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC), my office is responsible for every international transfer from the united kingdom, both incoming and outgoing payments, we control all international Forex payments, we also red flag any suspicious funds (money laundering or terrorist funding), unfortunately the funds transfer you are expecting from one of our local Bank here in the United Kingdom has been Red flagged by us HMRC, this means that you would never receive these funds in your account on its Red Flag status. I am aware that you have paid a lot of money to the bank and government officials for your funds to be released and credited into your account, but still your funds are still pending and more money is still being demanded from you, If I am right you are currently expected to pay thousands again for your funds to be released. The honest truth is that on the current Red status of your transfer, we have frozen the funds and no amount you
Please note that I am informing you about this situation unofficially so I expect you to be grateful and keep this information a secret between you and me, not a word of what I have told you to anyone, especially the bank officials and your business partner, what I have done now is a bridge of code of conduct of HMRC. I am going to help you get your funds released to you, but I need you to trust me like you have never trusted anyone before. Meanwhile, before we proceed I need to know from you if you accept my help, if you confirm to me that you require my help, in my next email I would tell you why your transfer was Red flagged and what needed to be done.

The reason why I was compelled to inform you about this situation was because I can’t watch you spend your money without getting results, I wait to hear from you soonest.

Claudia Smith.

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