Thursday, March 5, 2015

Proposal for poultry and farm production

This is what i real love to invest on if i have the financial to back it up

1. Farm Management (Agricultural crops)
2. Poultry Management (Rearing Animals)

This two list is what i intend to invest which generate high profit in business. But we can do the two at a time, just one after the other. We can quick generate money back and make profit presently is Poultry and Farm Services. Poultry Management: This is what i intend to do by buying some Acres of land, build a office apartment, Build a living stock domestic building for rearing and buy some equipment for the operation. Farm Management: Getting a wide land anywhere in Nigeria for plantation of crops, buy buses for transporting the crops, build an office for staff, build Guest house for expertize from the foreign land to accommodate. And can also extend the business in west Africa like Ghana, Cameroon etc.. This two items i analyze is what i want to start up with. With this we will quick recover the start-up finance and then make big profit which we can use to invest another things.

So by God grace the proper proposal will be attached with other document about myself. Be rest assured that what you invested on will be satisfactory to your thirst. Remember this proposal is not scam, it is real business. And the rule is that the investor will have to visit to see how investment is going. please I want serious investor who want to make good money and huge profit in business and it is 100% free risk.

Thank you.
West Africa Developer Planner

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