Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Treat this message with utmost confidential ok


Treat this message with utmost confidential ok.

As you may know, this is my 6th day in this Hospital bed, and I am constrained to sit up and write this message to you purposely because the doctor has announced that I will be undergoing the surgery as soon as the specialist returns from Canada next tomorrow. and ever since this information occurred to me, my mind never found rest, my heart is still filled with fear and trembling even at this moment, i lost the courage of living again, and so improvised and can’t even afford to speak with people right now because of fear. But I believe and pray to survive. Meanwhile, I want to inform you that my late husband left a contracted sum of $14.3m USD in the Bank of Burkina Faso. As childless couple; we’ve long planned to use the money to aid the poor by Building Orphanage homes. But we never succeeded in embracing such project until my husband died as the payment was delayed.

Now that I am not sure of my life here, and & no existing biological child to inherit our properties, I want to entrust this project in your hand because I don’t know if I will ever survive this sickness.
I wouldn’t want to go into many details here because I have not enough strength for long emails. But I wished to briefly inform you that due to lack of Biological son,after my husband died, his relatives came up with troubles and confiscated all my husband properties and even call me a witch. But God knows that am innocent of all the accusations. And now, am happy they didn’t discover about the fact that my husband handled some contract with the government of Burkina Faso which the payment was delayed before he died. So after mourning my husband as the custom permits, I took the paper to the bank but they asked me to waiting for more weeks, which I waited until Two months ago when the management of African Bank call to inform me that the fund is due to be claimed but I couldn’t visit them anymore due to my health condition.

Now that you are the lucky person in my contact list, I want you to reply this message as fast as you can and set me up in hope and I will give you my late husband financial reference code and direct you to the account manager in that bank who will release the money to you on my command and you ought to use it to help the needy. You must give me your solemn promise to handle this project in good manner and fear of God. You must use at least 60% of this money to build orphanage homes and help the poor while 40% goes to your purse for your Job well-done. So, I will want you to reply this message to day so that I will give you the bank contact information even before the operation takes place because my heart is still panting and I fear surviving the sickness. I believe you will not betray this trust because if you use this money to help the poor on our name, I, and my Husband will find peace wherever our souls maybe. And you will also find happiness in life.

Please pray that the surgery will be a successful one, and that I could survive this sickness so we can run this project together.

May you be blessed as you help in this project

Mrs. Juliana Diko
please reply me here for my easy access: mrs.julianadiko@yahoo.com

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