Sunday, February 22, 2015

Terry Mark

We are making this contact with you after satisfactory information gathered from the Nigerian Chamber of Commerce.

Based on this, we are convinced that you will provide us with a solution to effect remittance of the sum of $35,500.000.00 resulting from over costing of job/services done for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), by foreign companies. We are top officials of NNPC. We evaluate and secure approvals for payment of contracts executed for NNPC. We have tactfully raised values to a foreign company for onward disbursement among ourselves the Director of Accounts/Finance and Director of Audit. This transaction is 100% safe. We are seeking your assistance and permission to remit this amount into your account. We have agreed to give you 30% of the total value, while our share will be65%.The remaining5% will be used as refund by both sides to offset the cost that must be incurred in the areas of public relations, engaging of legal practitioner as attorney, taxation and other incidentals in the course of securing the legitimate release of the fund into your account.
Please indicate your acceptance to carry out this transaction urgently on receipt of this letter. I shall in turn inform you of the modalities for a formal application to secure the necessary approvals for the immediate legitimate release of this fund into your account.

Please understand that this transaction must be held in absolute privacy and confidentiality.
Please respond if you are interested.

Thanks for your co-operations.
Yours faithfully,
Terry Mark

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