Saturday, September 13, 2014

You may not think that you're constipated

Please excuse the somewhat personal nature of this email, but the information we are about to share below is extremely important for both you and your digestive health. You may not think that you' re constipated, but in reality, it is VERY likely that you ARE. You see, constipation is not simply " not being able to go" , or only eliminating once a week... that' s severe constipation. The truth is, a healthy digestive system should be eliminating after every meal. Are you moving your bowels several times a day, once for every meal you eat? If not, you are suffering from constipation, which will cause a build up of toxins and undigested, rotten, putrid food in your digestive system. This can make it much harder for you to lose fat while also wreaking havoc on your digestive system and overall health... really bad stuff. Just imagine all that rotted, disgusting food sitting there in your digestive system...

Fortunately, this can be corrected rather quickly:

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Marine Essential
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Chicago IL 60643

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