Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rép : Your Nomination

For Your Perusal and Attention:

Re: Your Award Benefits Notification

We at the United Nations are proud to announce our voluntary nomination of your person to benefit from the United Nations Foundation Award Funding schedule for the year 2014 in liaising responsibility with the Millennium Development Goal’s to eradicate poverty by empowering individuals for self help initiative, community funding and annual grant awards. However, our agents will be ready to meet you in person upon confirmation of your interest for the award to enhance your understanding of our objectives and also provide guidelines for legal approvals and prerequisite for fund release adhering to the framework for the United Nations mandate.

Hence, reinstate your information below for methodical confirmation;

First Name:
Middle Name:
Contact Address:
Country of Origin:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Fax No:

All information stated above is documented and referenced and subject for verification within the offices of the United Nations Geneva. Please to further receive our communication, kindly confirm the acceptance of this correspondence by replying to this message.

Thank you.

James Gaby
Senior Program/Project Officer

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