Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Dear Beneficiary

Good Morning Once Again My Dear Beneficiary, This Is Barrister Mathew Alfred the Only Accredited Attorney from Head Quarter Office Western Union Money Transfer Service Benin Republic Chapter, Please I Have A Question To Ask You Right Now In Regard To Your Fund Transfer, What Is Your Suggestion Concerning Your Fund Which Has Been Deposited Here For Long Time Now? Do You Want To Abandon Your Fund Here Simple Because Of The Western Union Transfer Cost Rate Which Is Not Up To The Two Percent Of What Is Coming On Your Way Please What Are Your Reasons? I am Asking You These Questions Because Of the Love I Have For You Otherwise I Can Not Even Bother To Ask You Because It Is Your Fund Not Mine And I Can’t Not Sit Down Washing You, Losing Your Fund Because Of The Little Fee You Suppose To Pay To Receive Your Fund. Please I Need Your Reply As Soon As You Read This Message Thanks And I Pray That This Message Will Merit Your Understanding.

Best Regard
Barrister Mathew Alfred Esq
from Western Union Head Office Benin Republic

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