Thursday, September 11, 2014


Union Bank of Nigeria
36, Marina Lagos.
Foreign operation office
Ogundipe Gbolahan David

Sequel to the directive from the Federal Ministry of Finance to pay your inheritance/contract/lottery sum of $750,000 USD. An ATM Card Number: 5120 8156 1062 5647 worth USD$750,000 has been accredited by the Union bank of Nigeria as part payment of your withheld transfer authorized by the Ministry of Finance. In view of the payment authorization issued by the Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF) in your favour, we request you provide us with the following information for verification and immediate release of your ATM card.

1.Full Name:
2.Phone number:
3.Delivery Address (not postal address):

We undertake that delivery of your ATM card under this notice will be honoured upon completion of the verification/authentication process. Bear in mind that you will pay the courier service charge ($140) being the amount needed to courier your ATM card to your address as we are not authorized to make deductions from your funds. This is the case only when you cannot be present in person in our above office address to pick your ATM card. You are receiving this message as a result of the directive from the Federal Ministry of Finance instructing the Union Bank of Nigeria to release your withheld payment. You will receive your ATM card within 72hrs of receipt of the courier service charge of $140 needed to courier your ATM card to your address. Please note that you have a 7days period to comply with this request, after which non-compliance will attract declaration of your ATM card as unclaimed and funds reverted to the government treasury. Your prompt response is highly anticipated. Please help us to serve you better.

Yours Faithfully,
Ogundipe Gbolahan David

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