Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cutting plate


How are you,

We are a machining factory of the CASTING parts in China. We are looking for zinc alloy or aluminum alloy die-casting parts of cooperation. These parts are used in the: The everyday household products---such as cooking, lock etc. The tool die casting products--- such as wrench etc., The building products---such as toilet die casting parts., Die casting equipment: we have 800tons, 500tons, 400 tons, 280 tons, 260tons, 160tons, and 125 tons die casting machines.

To ensure the quality of casting products, we emphasis on:

1) Material certifying---analysis and testing of materials.
2) Detecting flaw detection---can submit ultrasonic test report and magnetic test report.
3) Testing surface roughness---Surface Roughness Tester;
4) Dimensional measurement---can submit CMM report. We have coordinates measuring machining.
5) Machining---CNC lathe, CNC milling machines,etc.
6) Surface treatment---Mirror polishing processing and chromiun electroplating, etc.
7) Salt spray test---according to the ISO9227 standard or ASTM-B456 etc., NSS, AASS, CASS test.

Please be sured of our capability of making the zinc casting products. We will provide you with expert technology and high quality with competitive price. Then could you please provide me with the sketch or samples of your spare parts? I will quota you the competitive price as soon as possible. Please contact; fordy@***.cn

Waiting for your reply soon.

Best Regards


Room NO.411 Yinglong Plaza, No.2613,Yuhe Road,Weifang City, Shandong , China
Zip code:261041
Email: fordy@***.cn

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