Monday, August 25, 2014


Dear Sir.

I wish this correspondence may not embarrass you as I have no previous correspondence with you. My name Amin Abdullah .A. Inner cabinet member of dethroned Libya Government.Late Muamar Gaddafi regime. The prompting of this mail is based on my strong desire to establish a lasting business relationship with you. Whilst, at the peak of hostility in Libya year 2011 when NATO backed the rebel against Muamar Ghadafi, The president trusted some huge amount into my care. The funds were taking in vault with the help of a diplomat to South Africa as directed by my boss,And was secured in a private security firm. Few weeks ago information get to me from a good friend who works with the security firm in South Africa. He wanted me to hasten up termination of (deposit) with his firm, His reason being that Libya authority has writing South Africa Government seeking her Co-preparation to have Late Muamar Ghadafi, fund some treasures in South Africa , He Suggested the funds could be move out of South Africa for safety before South Africa and Libya government could come to terms in this regards.It is in the light of the above reason that i have decided to contact you with view that you could receive this funds from us and invest it in profit and viable venture . instead of living the cash idle , I am willing to agree teams with you so ,long you can take delivery of the funds/invest with it .Your urgent response will be highly appreciated, no Mather what your response. through my private email address (

Thanks Yours. Sincerelly

Amin Abdullah

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