Thursday, August 28, 2014



I am VANI JAMES , senior supervisor baggage unit of the security delivery bullion van company at John F. Kennedy International Airport. I have contacted you regarding an abandoned diplomatic consignment box which I discovered during my recent routine check at our security delivery bullion van storage vault here in John F Kennedy International Airport here and the scan report of the box revealed large amount of U S D bills in it which could be approximately 3million FIVE HUNDRED united States dollars and the box is still left in our storage vault till date. According to my investigation, the box was scheduled for delivery to you by this delivery bullion van company on transit to your city but was abandoned because the diplomat was unable to pay the US non-inspection ,Yellow Tag, and clearance charges of U S D 6,800 and the details of the consignment including your name ,physical address , your email address was boldly indicated on the consignment and the official documents right here with me .

I have taken it upon myself to contact you personally about this box so that we can transact this as a deal since it has not been returned to the US treasury department for onward repatriation to the country of origin as unclaimed consignment let us share the total money 650% for you and 35% for me. To Re-confirm your details, do state your full name, your home address, your home/mobile telephone number, the nearest airport close to you to my private email address ( ). to enable me confirm that you are the bonafide beneficiary of this consignment As soon as I confirm you as the beneficiary and upon your acceptance and willingness to co-operate with me, I will go ahead and make sure this consignment is delivered to your designated address without hitch hence i will take care of the outstanding clearance fee of $6,800 and make arrangement for the save and hitch free delivery of the consignment to your door-step or I can bring it myself to ensure a successful delivery but you have to assure me that you will not sit on my 35% of the total fund when finally delivered to your door step. I wait to hear from you urgently if you are alive and please remember all communication must be held confidential if we must succeed. I will call you after my confirmation and you can also reach me on my below telephone here in New York

TEL:+1 3476202855

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