Saturday, August 16, 2014

Attention: Fund Beneficiary

World Bank External Affairs,
Geneva Office, Switzerland:
3 Chemin Louis Dunant Case Postale 66
CH-1211 Geneva 20.
Post Office Box 66. CH 1211 Geneva,
Switzerland Phone: +41-61-500-1519.

Attention: Fund Beneficiary,

This is as a result of the joint meeting held recently between the President of the United States of American, President Barack Hussein Obama II, The World Bank Group, The United Nations (UN), the European Commission president, Jose Manuel Barroso, the EU Managing Director representative in Africa, Mr. Nick Westcott, Economic Community of West Africa Sates (ECOWAS) new Chairman, Ivorian President, Alassane Ouattara, and the new Managing Director of IMF, Mrs. Christine Lagarde and other EU Commissioners. It was resolved that all outstanding payments owned to Foreign Beneficiaries will be released to them and after proper investigation and scrutiny to ensure that money is being paid to the rightful beneficiaries, your name was listed among those who were lucky to receive this payment benefit from the World Bank Group and that is good to say at last God has answered your prayers.This exercise is to beef up the relations between all African Nations, the Governments and the International Community in order to san The OAU (Organization of African Unity) with UN (United Nations) has also resolved this matter amicably. Through petitions by European Union to pay the damages to the victims caused by African Con Artists. The payments is still on and your E-mail ID was made available to us by the above mentioned Authorities and Organizations hence we contacted you concerning this ongoing payment. This present payment in question is to settle all Foreign Contractors, Inheritance fund beneficiaries, Lotto Winners and also to pay compensation to all scam victims and your name has been shortlisted/chosen among the lucky beneficiaries that will receive this payment at this time. We are happy to inform you that due to delay in your fund payment it was concluded in the meeting that your total fund should be moved to the World Bank Group London. Meanwhile, We write to confirm if what we heard from one man whose name is: William Wyite Anderson, about yourself is truth or false. He came to my office yesterday and informed me that you are dead and during your illness you willed him to claim your US$2.5M compensation fund that the United Nations/the World Bank Group has mapped out to compensate you. Very surprisingly to us Mr. William Anderson, has made it clear to us that you are dead and he is the only person you disclosed this matter to and you have signed deeds of assignment with him to come and claim your money on your behalf if you did not make it. We have finalize arrangement concerning your fund transfer pending when we hear from any of your family member. You are advised in your own interest to reply back so we can stop further communication with
Mr. Anderson. In view of this development, you are therefore required to contact: The Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer, for your payment instruction.

Mr. Bertrand Badrй.
The World Bank London Office.
Milbank Tower, 12th Floor, 21-24, Milbank
Tel: +447010682315, +447011672293
OR E-mail: ( )

You are required to reconfirm to us the information listed below so that we can complete the process.

1.: Your Full Names:
2.: Your Full Home or Office Address:
3.: Your Cell Phone #:
4.: Your Home Tel #:
5.: Your Office Tel #:
6.: Occupation and position:
7.: Age:
8.: Nationality:
9.: Alternate E-mail:
10.: Scan copy of your International Passport or Drivers License.


Note that in your response to him he will now tell you how you will be receiving your fund payment. You are therefore advised to contact him through this Tel: +447010572516, +447011672293 (OR) E-mail: Finally, you have to stop all your dealing with unscrupulous elements, agents and fake people who called themselves bank officers but refused to tell you the truth. And don't ever forward this E-mail message to them for any reason. For your own good you have to stop every further communication with any group from today.


Yours sincerely.
Sophie Aline Alexandre (Mrs).
Executive Secretary World Bank

CC: World Bank Group President Dr. Jim Yong Kim.
World Bank External Affairs,
Geneva Office 3 Chemin Louis-Dunant
Post Office Box 66. CH 1211 Geneva,

CC: Bertrand Badrй, The Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer.
CC: Kyle Peters, Vice President and Network Head, Operations Policy and Country Services.
CC: Ana Revenga, Acting Vice President and Network Head, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management.
CC: Klaus Tilmes, Acting Vice President and Head of Network, Financial and Private Sector Development (FPD).

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